Posted: June 19, 2010 in soccer
Clockwise from the top: Algeria, England, US, Slovenia

By now, Stank-0 is sure that every futbol fan on the planet saw or heard about the extremely bad call in the Slovenia v US game.  The ref in question, Koman Coulibaly, negated the US’ go-ahead goal. 

Coulibaly cost the US 3 points if they had gone on to win the match.  Well, the outcry must have been heard because now FIFA is expediting Coulibaly’s review and he may not ref another match in this World Cup.

Stank-0 is worried this will appear as though the US is throwing their weight around.  Then Stank-0 watched the clip and couldn’t find a foul on the person who scored the goal and got angry all over again.  This is when Jim Joyce’s example comes into play.  Realize you blew the call and admit it.  Think about it after Joyce apologized everyone moved on.  It quit being a story after 36 hours.

Stank-0 says sit this clown down.

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