Melo is a free agent…and?

Posted: June 23, 2014 in NBA

Western Conference Championship

Well there’s good news and bad news. The bad news (for the Knicks) is that he’s gone. No need to play with your emotions, Melo is gone. So…you gutted a very good Knicks team for Melo only for him to leave as a free agent. That also means that JR Swish will be jettisoned as well. This the LeBron effect. Embrace or not.

Chicago and MIA are supposed to making a hard run at him. My advice (free by the way) as a Nuggets fan, is don’t. Melo is a great scorer but he kills an offense with ball stopping. The ball swings around then the gets to Melo and it doesn’t move. Players stop moving and watch. He gives the jab steps, etc. and then gets buckets. Rinse and repeat. It happened in Denver that had Chauncey Billups and Nene. Ball still stopped. Ball don’t move.

It could work in MIA, in theory but it would require an unbalanced floor to work where Melo becomes the floor stretcher a la Olympic Melo. Not sure how Melo would fit in Chi. Too many variables starting with DRose and the unbalanced floor with Booz already the 3.

It will be interesting in the days ahead to see what teams, if any, are truly interested to make a run at Melo.

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