A slight change

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Good morning,

I logged in and saw it has been almost 4 years since I have written anything. I may be on an irregular schedule but I’ll write again. It will not be exclusively sports but everything that I’m interested in. Stay tuned.

The art of the draft

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I was thinkin about Randy Moss and MJ. As you know the Blazers infamously passed on him to draft Sam Bowie (a need) and then took Greg Oden instead of KD (a need). Moss fell far in the draft because of character issues and those teams had a “need” at wideout. Moss took his anger out on all those teams that passed on him, especially the Cowboys.

So do you take the best available or by need? I say if the best available is a need then pull the trigger. Otherwise always take best available. There is a caveat to this though. In the later rounds (football specific) you can draft exclusively for need. There are more picks so you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.

Imagine if the Blazers had taken MJ. He and Clyde would have bumped heads and one of them would have eventually been shipped out. I could see the Blazers keeping MJ and sending Clyde out of town. I have no idea where Clyde goes at that point. Even scarier the Blazers take MJ and ship Clyde to Chicago in 84 in exchange for some picks.

If the Cowboys had taken Moss he might have been worse off. The Cowboys were a shadow of their former selves and he might have picked up Irvin’s destructive habits and not the insane work ethic.

Meme news

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I understand everyone and they mama is blogging on USA v Germany. They lost but will likely limp into the knockout on aggregates. Portugal beat Ghana but their aggregate is so low (-4) because Germany beat that @ss. So they need to beat Ghana convincingly. USA advances.

But what I wanted to really write about is the meme of overlaying dramatic action with Jim Ross commentary. For those who don’t know, he was the legendary WWE/WWF commentator, especially during the Attitude Era (Rock, Stone Cold, etc.) from 90s-2000s. They have used his commentary for fights, fails, video games, etc.

It brings back nostalgia because I was a teenager and in my 20s during that time. What lead me to this is a post of my Facebook feed from Gamespot. So I watched the videos, the comments mentioned that WorldStarHipHop started the trend so I went there and then finally to Youtube. It’s exactly what the internet was made for.


photo acknowledgement: thescore.com

I have not been able to keep up with the World Cup this go round like I was able to in South Africa in 2010, but I do know that one of the Spain’s core members for their 3 event streak’s international career ended in spectacular fashion. It’s already made the ESPN, social media rounds but David Villa’s goal was brilliant.

When he sat on the bench and cried it reminded me why I love sports. Beyond the endorsements, fans, money, championships, glory, fame, etc. it is still grown men playing a children’s game and giving it all they have until…until..they can’t, until Father Time quietly taps them on the shoulder and informs that their time in the sun has come to an end.

Melo is a free agent…and?

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Western Conference Championship

Well there’s good news and bad news. The bad news (for the Knicks) is that he’s gone. No need to play with your emotions, Melo is gone. So…you gutted a very good Knicks team for Melo only for him to leave as a free agent. That also means that JR Swish will be jettisoned as well. This the LeBron effect. Embrace or not.

Chicago and MIA are supposed to making a hard run at him. My advice (free by the way) as a Nuggets fan, is don’t. Melo is a great scorer but he kills an offense with ball stopping. The ball swings around then the gets to Melo and it doesn’t move. Players stop moving and watch. He gives the jab steps, etc. and then gets buckets. Rinse and repeat. It happened in Denver that had Chauncey Billups and Nene. Ball still stopped. Ball don’t move.

It could work in MIA, in theory but it would require an unbalanced floor to work where Melo becomes the floor stretcher a la Olympic Melo. Not sure how Melo would fit in Chi. Too many variables starting with DRose and the unbalanced floor with Booz already the 3.

It will be interesting in the days ahead to see what teams, if any, are truly interested to make a run at Melo.

1 year anniversary

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I’ve been married to my lovely wife for one year today. I feel fortunate to have found someone as special as she is. As we look forward to the birth of our first child, I’m very nervous and excited.

I’ve been gone for a minute, but the spark seems to have returned. So let’s jump right into it.


My Kansas City Royals sit atop the AL Central! Who woulda thunk it right?! AND…they reeled off 10 straight Dubs. If anyone but the most homerific of Royals fans says they saw this coming, they are lying! We hoped they would compete but no one was thinking this. Now the expectations ceiling is PLAYOFFS! PLAYOFFS? It’s been 11 years since the Royals were atop the division this late in the year and it’s not that late in the season truth be told. The goes to the larger problem of the disparity between small and large market teams. The Royals can’t afford to overspend or even spend to keep high profile FAs but they have some players right now.

As I told a co-worker, I’ll reserve most of my glee for after the All-Star break.

Vent entry #2

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This is from an incident yesterday.

So in this episode of the husband f**k up diaries, I blurted out the first thing in my head. My wife asked me a question about how she would fare with the opposite sex minus a body part that gets alot of attention.  I said she would get ignored. I really stepped in it this time.

So of course I get the silent treatment and then she tells me I hurt her feelings. This leads to her again telling me that I make her doubt herself. She didnt do this before I was around. Which again makes me feel bad.

If I had actually stopped and processed everything instead of giving her a shorthand answer it might have gone differently but I doubt it. Long answer would have been this: you would get treated differently because men would talk to you but once women or a woman (possessing certain female body part) were in vicinity, their focus would shift in that direction.

The incident happened during our HH yesterday. We are approaching 24 hours of her being upset. I guess I look at attractiveness differently because I’m a man. I don’t have to ask what would happen if I didn’t have such-and-such because I already had to work around what I didnt’ have and use what little I do have.

It’s been 17 days since our last incident. If nothing else this journal allows me to plot out about how long I can go between fuck ups. At this rate I’ll be back here again around the end of the month, assuming we clear this up by this Friday which isn’t altogether certain.

Vent entry #1

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So as a married man, I f**k up quite consistently, so I keep a vent journal to let off steam. Here’s my first one from August 27th.

I don’t have anyone I feel I can talk to when we have marital arguments, so I’m turning to this journal to blow off some steam.  There will likely be future entries.



My wife GETS ON MY LAST NERVE with “I’m your wife” statements whenever something happens. I swear that shit gets on my nerves.  I can’t say anything because it seems to get turned around where I’m the bad guy. So I hold things in because sayin something doesn’t seem to help me out. I feel like she just wants contrition.  That aint and never will be me.  

So today’s blow up was over me being outside without my shirt on around some neighborhood women.  One is Married Neighbor #1 and the other is some random chick from across the street. MN saw me and then turned her back to me. The other chick did not appear to be paying me any attention but my wife lost it when I got upstairs.  I AM PAYIN NONE OF THESE WOMEN ANY MIND. It pissed me off because it made it seem like I was putting myself of display for their attention. I could give two shits if they look or not.  

My mindset wasn’t even on them looking at me. The thought never crossed my mind. I didn’t want to hose to be on then have Isaac have to come get me and then I have to go back out to turn the water off, while the water is running the entire time.

Braves @ Nationals

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English: Nationals Game.

English: Nationals Game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was able to attend the first game of the three games series thanks to my fiance scoring some tickets from work. We were in Section 313, nosebleed seats. Before going we had to acquire proper Nats gear. Done.

We got there late but the game was rain delayed so we got there just as the national anthem was ending. We made our way to Section 313 and were seated.  Jordan Zimmerman was on the mound and he got touched up early in the first.  It was 4-0 before we could get seated proper-like. Then the Nats were up. Jason Werth got on with a single and Bryce Harper doubled.  A few batters later a homer cleared the bases and it was 4 tight.  Section 313 had a cheer which is borrowed liberally from the JETS.

We left in the bottom of the 8th and didn’t learn the result until this morning. The Nats won in walk off fashion in the 13th!

Next up is sensation Strasburg in the 2nd game of the series.