Who is WB?

I am was Stank-0 and Stank-0 is every intelligent sports fan and now I’m not. I’ll go by my initials from this point forward, WB. I started this here blog once before but it was deleted due to an unfortunate mishap, and then there was almost a year long hiatus.  I restarted and this is the current version after relocating to WP.

I am the founder and primary writer for this space.  I am a KC Chiefs and Royals fan, Jayhawks fan (alumni stand up!), and Capitals fan.  As a true fan of these teams, I have nothing but absolute and total contempt for the Broncos, Raiders, University of Missouri and the rest of the AL Central.  As evidence by my twitter, (follow me be warned I may not be for you) I consume and am interested in alot more things than sports.

I am a sports analyst.  I tend to look at sports on an abstract level.  A game is not just about what’s going on on the field, diamond, court, etc. It’s about seeing what worked 4, 5, 6 plays ago and hoping that the coordinators both saw it and plan to use it again. It’s about wishing the damn NFL camera crews would STOP following the ball because alot of things are happening on the backside of the play that we need to see. It’s about wondering why Gus Johnson doesn’t get to call more primetime NFL games or the National Championship game.

I recognize that to be a fan right now is unprecedented.  There are athletic giants and cerebral assassins everywhere and to be able to watch them night in and night out is truly something special.

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