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Stank-0 bought this book as Barnes & Noble was crashing and burning in the DMV.  Not being totally finished but Stank-0 is in complete agreement.  The BCS is dial up in a 4G world.  The BCS champion is not even officially recognized by the NCAA! What the hell kinda BS is that!

A few tidbits from the book

  • The SEC Commish came up with the plus one idea: it was killed by the other commishes because they feared it would get too popular and fans would push for a playoff.
  • In sworn testimony in front of Congress, the BCS mouthpieces have inferred they are “charities” when tax filings show they donated less than .05% of their revenue.
  • The big 6 conferences (ACC, Pac-12, Big East, SEC, Big 10, Big XII)are actively poaching from each other and other smaller conferences.  As a result, the solidarity is eroding.
  • The vast majority of schools that go to bowl games lose money, and lots of it. The school is required to “purchase” thousands of dollars worth of tickets among other things.  Most of them never get sold and the athletic dept has to eat the cost.
  • A playoff could work, independent of the bowl games. It would also kill the bowl games that don’t draw viewers or make money. It could start at the end of the season and be finished in time for the bowl games to begin.

After reading it, Stank-0 is seriously contemplating not watching bowl games. The BCS doesn’t listen to anything but dollar signs.  The money is from people watching. Stank-0 is just one man, but it has to start somewhere.

This rumor has been swirling for a little bit, and surprisingly Stank-0 thinks it’s a good move.  Considering the Titans are in low-key rebuilding mode.  They are starting the post-VY era, they drafted a lesser version of VY with Jake Locker.  Why not go the whole hog and deal CJ while there’s still value in him.  Jake Locker is not likely to turn into Sam Bradford (read: throw him in the deep end and he actually swims) or that would be my same advice for the Rams.  The Titans are in a tougher division and tougher conference.  He who hesitates is lost.  Let him go!

The Raiders may be on the upswing.  With D-Mac, Hey-Bey impersonating a WR, and Campbell as the stopgap while Pryor learns the offense. Imagine a two-headed running attack of D-Mac and CJ.  Hey-Bey could finally get open with that kind of playaction.

Everyone wins in this scenario. CJ will likely get his money, the Titans get rid of the headache, and the Raiders get another high quality offensive player.



The NBA has this bad habit of doing the exact same thing another league did at the @ss wrong time. The NBA is knee deep in a lockout right after the NFL kissed and made up after the longest work stoppage in that league’s history.  It got real when the HOF Game became a casualty.  It made owners and players sit up and take notice.

Now it’s the NBA’s turn, and people already (including yours truly) don’t care because of NFL lockout-related fatigue.  We, as a fan collective, were on pins and cushions hoping and praying that the season would start.  Many of us conceded that games would be lost but perhaps there would still be a season.

That same optimism is not evident in the NBA.  David Stern would get down on his knees and thank God if the NBA had the “labor problems” the NFL had.  The NFL was trying to figure out how to split the pie so everyone could eat.  The NBA is saying the pie is so small very few people are eating.  No one forced any owner to overpay Rashard Lewis.  His salary has become the Exhibit A of runaway salaries for players.

The NBA also has something the NFL doesn’t have: competition.  These players are actively looking at playing in Europe if this thing drags out. Then there’s past history, we’ve been down this road before and it cost the NBA some games in the 99-00 season.

As sly as its kept there are alot of slots overseas for players to consider.  If Stank-0 is not mistaken, every continent has a basketball league.  If players start missing checks and bills gotta get paid, take a pay cut and go play somewhere else.  Then hope this thing blows over.

The NBA may have also expanded too quickly.  Contraction might not be such a bad thing, but this lockout won’t get serious until about October.

According to this article, John Junker, CEO of the Fiesta Bowl is in some hot water. 

John Junker became the executive director of the Fiesta Bowl in 1990 and was named the president and chief executive officer in 2000.

The IRS is looking into some of his goings on. It boils down to financial irregularities.  The takeaway is that the Fiesta Bowl could be dropped from the BCS rotation and the leading candidate to replace them? The Cotton Bowl and the $1.2B dollar stadium down the way in Arlington, TX.  Which just happens to be owned by none other than Jerry Jones.

There were independent investigations and more investigations.  It was all a very sorbid affair, read the story.

The Fiesta Bowl cannot be punished until after this current contract expires, in 3 years. You have to imagine that everyone involved with Fiesta will be under intense scrutiny.

Sabermetrics for football?

Posted: February 21, 2011 in NFL, sports opinion

After listening to someone on Baseball Tonight mention some obscure stat, Stank-0 realized that the NFL needs a sabermetric revolution.

Think about it, we attribute all INTs to the QB when clearly the receiver (WR, TE, RB) plays a large part of whether the ball is received or not.  INTs need to be attributed to the receiver as well.  Passes thrown to receiver caught, not caught, intercepted, and fumbled. That’s not to speak about the DBs and safeties that make a play on the ball.  None of that is looked at, it’s simply a INT charged to the QB.

There are plenty of things to look at: what effect a certain player has on whether there is a 3-and-out? False starts? offsides? What side of the line does blitzing work the best on? The least? How many blitzers result in an incomplete pass? INT?

Is there a correlation between time of possession and red zone efficiency?

Stank-0 believes alot of the numbers will revolve around the QB and both sides of line for obvious reasons.  They are the persons with the greatest bearing on the outcome of the play.

This is in the beginning stages, Stank-0 will have to think on this some more.


ESPN Townhall

Posted: January 14, 2011 in sports opinion

This was quite enlightening.  Michael Wilbon dropped some serious knowledge for everyone out there.  Wilbon is sports journalism’ elder statesmen. PTI is better for having him be the yin to Kornheiser’s yang.

So instead of letting the talk die, Stank-0 will work on some solutions.

The Rooney Rule was talked about heavily.  It can bear some adjustments, so here are mine.

  • If the team is looking at an in-house candidate, then do not make the Rooney Rule mandatory.
  • Extend the Rooney to the front office.
  • If there is credible information about a team looking to hire a candidate without satisfying Rooney, then there should be consequences.  Maybe financial, maybe forbid that team from hiring the candidate they wanted to.
  • If a candidate is brought in solely to satisfy Rooney, then guarantee him a position on a head coaching staff at an equivalent or higher position.

That’s all for now.

Andrew Luck's Panther Jersey

Image by zzazazz via Flickr

The biggest story right now is Andrew Luck deciding to remain at Stanford.  It makes perfect sense.  The NFL is staring a lockout in the face.  It will affect draftees, free agents, etc.  If you are a kid with a year to wait, why not stay in school?  Luck isn’t in a financial bind that he needs to declare.  His father played in the NFL and the money situation is fine.

Stank-0 is worried that Luck will be the latest victim of Brohm-itis. Hopefully, he will not be injured during his senior season and the NFL will settle its labor disagreement so that if there is a work stoppage by 2011, football will be back on the following season.

Will Harbaugh remain at Stanford since he will have his QB for one more year?  Unfortunately, his stock will never be higher than it is now (Luck as well).  It makes the most sense to strike while the iron is hot.  All the available jobs have some degree of apprehension attached to them.  The team with the most in the cupboard has been spoken for (supposedly) by Bill Cowher.

The twitterverse is reporting that Harbaugh is SoBe-bound.  His salary may be in the range from $7 to 8 M.  If MIA passes, there will be a line around the block for a chance at Jim Harbaugh.

Impossible? Maybe not

Posted: November 11, 2010 in NFL, offseason, sports opinion, trade

First I will need you, the reader, to suspend all disbelief, like watching WWE.  Ok, let’s move on.

We all remember that Coach Shanahan benched Mac-5 in favor of Turnoversaurus Rex a few weeks ago. What if there’s another reason for that?

I think Shanahan has his eyes on Jay Cutler.  Now hear me out.  Since the retirement of John Elway, Cutler is the QB with the best arm that Shanahan ever had.  Sometimes he relies on that arm too much, but he can easily make every NFL throw.  Now I think that Mac-5 > Cutler, but Shanahan doesn’t have to re-teach the nuances of his system to Cutler.  They also have rapport and they know and are used to each other.

Cutler hasn’t set the world on fire since he came to the City of Wind so a straight across trade isn’t exactly impossible.  Highly improbable but not impossible.  Am I thinkin too much or can this happen?

The World Series

Posted: October 28, 2010 in MLB, sports opinion, World Series

The World Series are the Super Bowl of MLB.  That’s a far statement but not totally truthful.  You see, the Series isn’t a spectacle that people gather in bars, clubs, and homes to watch even if they aren’t watching. No one wonders where am I gonna watch the Series.  No one watches for the commercials.


See what gets eyeballs on the Series, is some compelling overarching interest.  That is instant whenever the Yankees are playing.  Love ’em or hate ’em, you’ll watch the Series if the Yankees are in it.  Unfortunately the Bronx Bombers of the New House that Steinbrenner (with generous help from NYC tax payers) built aren’t there.  That’s fine because at least the Phillies…wait they aren’t in it either.

Now MLB and FOX have a problem.  The NBA season starts in two days with some reasons to watch.  The NFL is already running Sundays like they own it (check the Nielsen’s they do).  So now the MLB (and FOX) are gonna serve up an uninteresting Series with the only two stars people will be halfway interested in watching are pitchers who will be able to pitch at best 3 times in the series, and that’s on limited rest.

Unless you’re from Texas or SF, you probably don’t care about the Series.  That’s the problem.  Where this problem becomes real is next Sunday.  The NFL is serving up (in primetime) the Steelers fresh off a controversial win against the Saints who got curb stomped by the Browns.  That is the Series’ Game 4.  The only way Stank-0 can see himself watching Game 4 over the Steelers vs Saints is if there’s a chance of a sweep. Stank-0 don’t even know the NBA schedule but can imagine there will be a smorgasbord of games.

MLB and Commissioner Selig, a word of unsolicited advice.  It used to be called the October classic for a reason.  The NBA and NFL seasons have long established that October is when both kick into high gear.  It would be in your best interest to wrap up the Series in early October.

The possibility of a lockout

Posted: October 5, 2010 in NFL, sports opinion
 The AFL-CIO has offered to help

Stank-0 is loving the season right now (Chiefs are the lone undefeated team left!!! You mad huh?!) but lost in all this euphoria about this season is the very real fact that there may be no football in the near future.

The two major players are Roger Goodell, NFL Commish and DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFLPA.  There’s a faction of owners that want more protection for the investments, such as new stadiums.  Those are represented by Jerry Jones (Cowboys), Robert Kraft (Patriots), Pat Bowlen(Broncos), and  Jerry Richardson (Panthers).

At the basis is money obviously.  The owners want the the players to take a small percentage.  Stank-0 won’t even get into asking the players association to take a smaller piece of a pie that continues to grow at a steady clip.  The Federal Reserve should have the NFL print their money for them. Let’s not even talk about the Super Bowl commercials.  Networks are standing in line to get the NFL on their station and willing to pay the preacher.

Stank-0 is in total agreement regarding the rookie wage scale.  It’s reached the point where no team wants the first 3 to 5 picks in the draft because the signing bonuses are so astronomical.  If the player’s association wants some public relations leverage, they should budge on this point. 

No this time there’s a major sticking point: the owners want an 18 game season. Talks have stalled on this point and they should.  Even with this 2010 season, there’s a highly probability that the majority of divisions will be clinched way before week 17, like last season.  What’s the utility in adding two additional games? Looks like a pure money grab.

There’s plenty of stars being knocked out week after week, why add to the toll?  This labor dispute is more than billionaires fighting millionaires, it’s players trying to protect their bodies from useless games.  If there is a lockout, Stank-0 won’t even be upset at the players.

There are other issues such as revenue sharing, which doesn’t get much press. The leagues does share revenue but teams have created alternate streams of income such as luxury suites, which are outside the agreement.  The upper 15 are subsidizing the lower 17 and some owners believe that some in the lower 17 are keeping revenue artificially low to continue to receive the subsidies.

In the end, if they don’t calm down then everyone will lose.