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He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Posted: March 1, 2009 in Big XII, NCAA, OU

B Griff is back and diving over announcer’s tables he’s so happy to be back.

Some examples:
He went airborne sideways to chase down that loose ball, flying over the scorer’s table near the Red Raiders’ bench to try to shovel the ball back into play.

He was unsuccessful, but bounced up a couple of seconds later to a round of applause from Texas Tech fans.

Now the Big XII tourney gets very interesting. KU vs. OU for the title! BEWARE THE PHOG!

Driver seat!

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Big XII, KU, OU
Cole Alrich & Willie Warren US Presswire

That’s exactly where KU is right now, after taking down OU.  Stank-0 is actually NOT happy about this game.  Stank-0 is unhappy because KU did not get OU at full strength.  The young guns need to tighten up on D.  They were gettin wet up from range. 

How clutch is Collins?  He was shootin from Tishomingo he was so far out.  Big XII Big Monday games are always good.   

The only thing left is to put the deathlock on Mizzou at the Field House.  BEWARE THE PHOG! 

Stank-0 would never wish a player to get hurt and hopes that Griff gets better soon. 

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Battle Royale

Posted: February 22, 2009 in Big XII, OU, Texas

Ed will surely have an opinion about this. The Oklahoma Sooners, led by Blake Griffin, take on the Texas Longhorns. The basketball version of the Red River Shootout…not Rivalry that just sounds stupid.

As an avowed KU alum, the underperforming Longhorns need to hand OU an L or just fall back and let the Jayhawks do that on Monday! OU vs KU! GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN!

The Sooners are undefeated in Big XII play. In a rivalry game, records go out the window. Let’s play ball.

What say you, Ed?