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The NBA has this bad habit of doing the exact same thing another league did at the @ss wrong time. The NBA is knee deep in a lockout right after the NFL kissed and made up after the longest work stoppage in that league’s history.  It got real when the HOF Game became a casualty.  It made owners and players sit up and take notice.

Now it’s the NBA’s turn, and people already (including yours truly) don’t care because of NFL lockout-related fatigue.  We, as a fan collective, were on pins and cushions hoping and praying that the season would start.  Many of us conceded that games would be lost but perhaps there would still be a season.

That same optimism is not evident in the NBA.  David Stern would get down on his knees and thank God if the NBA had the “labor problems” the NFL had.  The NFL was trying to figure out how to split the pie so everyone could eat.  The NBA is saying the pie is so small very few people are eating.  No one forced any owner to overpay Rashard Lewis.  His salary has become the Exhibit A of runaway salaries for players.

The NBA also has something the NFL doesn’t have: competition.  These players are actively looking at playing in Europe if this thing drags out. Then there’s past history, we’ve been down this road before and it cost the NBA some games in the 99-00 season.

As sly as its kept there are alot of slots overseas for players to consider.  If Stank-0 is not mistaken, every continent has a basketball league.  If players start missing checks and bills gotta get paid, take a pay cut and go play somewhere else.  Then hope this thing blows over.

The NBA may have also expanded too quickly.  Contraction might not be such a bad thing, but this lockout won’t get serious until about October.

Some surprising news out of Oakland

Posted: January 9, 2011 in NFL, offseason 

It seems that all world corner, Nnamdi Asomugha, is about to hit the free agent market.  Coach Ryan, here’s your best chance to have a real-life fantasy corner duo.  Dump Cromartie (who tends to struggle in anything but straight bump-and-run man to man) and get the best corner in football and pair him with the 2nd best corner in football.

Al Davis loves Asomugha so there’s still a chance he may re-sign him, however, it won’t be cheap.  Or maybe it will with the labor unrest. 

Imagine Asomugha and Revis on the same team.  Scary isn’t it?  Slot receivers and athletic TEs would put up hellacious numbers on the Jets because the wide outs would be blanketed.  The only time the QB would look at them is in the huddle.

They even added fuel to the fire in last year’s Pro Bowl by talkin about wanting to play on the same team.  This may be that opportunity.

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Andrew Luck's Panther Jersey

Image by zzazazz via Flickr

The biggest story right now is Andrew Luck deciding to remain at Stanford.  It makes perfect sense.  The NFL is staring a lockout in the face.  It will affect draftees, free agents, etc.  If you are a kid with a year to wait, why not stay in school?  Luck isn’t in a financial bind that he needs to declare.  His father played in the NFL and the money situation is fine.

Stank-0 is worried that Luck will be the latest victim of Brohm-itis. Hopefully, he will not be injured during his senior season and the NFL will settle its labor disagreement so that if there is a work stoppage by 2011, football will be back on the following season.

Will Harbaugh remain at Stanford since he will have his QB for one more year?  Unfortunately, his stock will never be higher than it is now (Luck as well).  It makes the most sense to strike while the iron is hot.  All the available jobs have some degree of apprehension attached to them.  The team with the most in the cupboard has been spoken for (supposedly) by Bill Cowher.

The twitterverse is reporting that Harbaugh is SoBe-bound.  His salary may be in the range from $7 to 8 M.  If MIA passes, there will be a line around the block for a chance at Jim Harbaugh.

Impossible? Maybe not

Posted: November 11, 2010 in NFL, offseason, sports opinion, trade

First I will need you, the reader, to suspend all disbelief, like watching WWE.  Ok, let’s move on.

We all remember that Coach Shanahan benched Mac-5 in favor of Turnoversaurus Rex a few weeks ago. What if there’s another reason for that?

I think Shanahan has his eyes on Jay Cutler.  Now hear me out.  Since the retirement of John Elway, Cutler is the QB with the best arm that Shanahan ever had.  Sometimes he relies on that arm too much, but he can easily make every NFL throw.  Now I think that Mac-5 > Cutler, but Shanahan doesn’t have to re-teach the nuances of his system to Cutler.  They also have rapport and they know and are used to each other.

Cutler hasn’t set the world on fire since he came to the City of Wind so a straight across trade isn’t exactly impossible.  Highly improbable but not impossible.  Am I thinkin too much or can this happen?

Biggest offseason stories

Posted: January 28, 2010 in NFL, offseason

Stank-0 will refrain from a Super Bowl post because you can get that elsewhere and Stank-0 would prefer not to add to the Manning-as-a-Colt-taking-on-his-father’s-team meme.  So let’s look at what will likely happen in the offseason before the 2010-2011 season. 

Coach McDaniels will have succeeded in running Brandon Marshall out of Denver.  It was all good just a week ago.  Remember when the Broncos started 6-0 and everyone in Denver was saying, “Cutler who?”  Yeah that didn’t last too long did it.  Marshall surprisingly made nice and produced only for Coach McGenius to bench him before final game of the season.  Which they lost, badly.  Well Marshall likely played his last game as a Bronco.  Coach, you won the battle but lost the war…AND giftwrapped the division to the Chargers for the forseeable future.  Are all Belichick coaches really this horrible?  What did you learn from watching him?  The Belichick coaching is dying on the vine

T.O. will land in one more place.  He quietly “produced” (if you can even say that and “Bills” in the same sentence).  More importantly he kept his mouth shut.  Wouldn’t it be crazy if T.O. landed in SF for his last hurrah?  Crabtree could learn alot from T.O. 

GM Holmgren will bite the bullet and pay Cribbs what they owe him. They can’t let their offense leave town.  They just can’t do it.  They’ll find the money (probably due to cutting Anderson or Quinn). 

The NFL will pull their heads out of their collective @sses and get a collective bargaining agreement, CBA, completed.  This is easily the most important offseason development for the league.  They will realize that if they stop playing people will get angry…AND then stop caring.  See the NBA and NHL for how that worked out for them.  The NHL is still feeling the effects of their work stoppage. 

Tomlinson will have a decision to make: take less or walk.  My gut says he’ll stay.  Where else can he go and play?  Seattle?  Cleveland? 

Stank-0 will pass on Favre tea leaf reading. Got no stomach for the will-he-or-won’t-he soap opera.  Stank-0 will say that some other retirements will shock us.  One of the Williamses on the Vikings been talkin about hanging ’em up.  As well as the irreplaceable Ed Reed.  Kurt Warner is halfway out the door but if God says stay then he’s all in. 

The Pro Bowl will be moved back to Hawaii because some horrible PR event will transpire down in Miami during Super Bowl week. Not anything player related but the players might just be too tired from partying in MIA the week before the game.  Kinda like the NBA All Star game in Vegas. 

Vick will get some serious looks and go somewhere to be a starting QB.

Anything or anyone that Stank-0 missed?

How hard is it?

Posted: August 21, 2009 in MLB, offseason, sports opinion

This is a very specific post to the DC area, bear with me. The Nationals had to wait until the 11th hour to sign their #1 draft pick, Stephen Strasburg. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

The Nationals showed some inability to sign the prior #1 pick, who is now working on a deal with the Royals. Stephen Strasburg thought he was in the NFL trying to hold a team hostage. Scott Boras, superagent, tried to finagle $50M out of the Nationals for a college pitcher that’s never thrown in the majors.

Now they signed him to a substantial deal, $15.1M. That’s worthy of some props. Stephen, that weight you feel is the weight of waiting until the last minute and then getting a pretty big deal that is entirely guaranteed. Stank-0 expects to see you get called up in short order.

There’s really not much that Stank-0 expects from the Boras nor the Nationals except the status quo. Strasburg alone won’t make the Nationals contender or even that much better next season. Boras still gets his percentage and next year there will be some other athlete that will get gassed up by Boras.

Hannah Foslien/Associated Press

Look, I’m not surprised Favre signed again, but frankly I don’t care anymore. Obviously, Favre got major beef with the Packers. That much is certain. He slogged through a season with the Jets to get to this point.

Here’s Favre’s deal: $12M this season and $13M next season, assuming he doesn’t re-re-retire.

I believe that Favre has pulled the greatest Grand Hustle (Shout to Averagebro) in NFL history. He’s been getting a check for mediocrity… since about 2000 or so. We haven’t seen someone hang on for a check since…Robert Parrish played until he was eligible for AARP benefits.

I agree with most of the Twitter-verse that a certain Michael Vick will be sending Favre a gift basket for pushing him off the front page for a day or two.

I’m sure that Aaron Rodgers isn’t pleased that he’s back. The comparisons will start spinning up again.

Actually, you know who I blame for all this mess….MJ. He made it cool to retire, unretire, retire, unretire….you get the picture.

This will undoubtedly push Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels to try harder. Bernard Berrian and AD might become even more productive with Favre under center. Provided that he brings the INTs back under control.

Am I the only one that thinks we are reaching Greek tragedy levels with Favre? It’s like he’s searching for something but he can’t find it. Yet he won’t quit looking.

Stank-0 is goin to call this now.  There is no way that the Lions will get an adequate return on investment for what they are payin Stafford.  His deal is 6 yrs @ $78M with $41.7M guaranteed.  Brady and Manning aren’t gettin this type of guaranteed money, and they have rings. 

Stank-0 just don’t see it.  How will Stafford be in a place to excel?  The Lions have one player of note, Calvin Johnson.  A toilet paper O/D line because they ain’t sh*t.  SPS said it best, get some line help.  Oh well, Stank-0 hopes all that money will make things better for you in Detroit. 


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Posted: April 24, 2009 in NFL, offseason, sports opinion
Stank-0 read an article about the great L.T. (not LaDainian, sorry).  We all know his story.  The drugs, etc.  The interview delved into L.T. vs. the Minister of Defense debate.  Stank-0 believes that is a draw, but people gravitate to L.T. more.  One because he’s still alive.  More than that, Stank-0 thinks it’s because we saw his weaknesses and his struggles.  As fickle as Americans are, we are about forgiving and giving second chances. 

It’s bigger than that, L.T. was larger than life and we enjoy larger than life personas.  That’s why Wilt, Al Capone, L.T., Abraham Lincoln, and the robber barons are so interesting.

Another thing that Stank-0 noticed about the L.T. article was the UNC connect.  What is it about that school that some legendary players have gone there.  LT and MJ play golf together.  The two blueprints like to swing the clubs on the back 9.  What kinda conversations must they have.  Each revolutionized their respective sports.   

This also reinforces why the Tuna is so unyielding.  LT got on board with his plan and they got rings.  Tuna didn’t change for LT who are some of these soft-in-the-@ss, primadonna new age players to make him change now? 

For more on LT, check the Sporting News. 

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While Stank-0 has complete faith in the Chiefs management.  In Pioli we trust.  Having said, that Werds, this trade doesn’t look good for the Chiefs.  Gonzalez is worth more than a single 2nd round pick.  He was 33 yet still put up his numbers.

Now Pioli could have dumped TGon because he said he was ready to go elsewhere.  Thats option 1.  Option 2 is the Hunt fam decided to let him have a chance to get ringed up elsewhere. 

Back to TGon, how many years does he have left in him? He been doin his thug thizzle for about 11 years now? He can’t have more than 3-4 years left and those will be at a diminished capacity.

Werds, TGon had 12 years of service with the Chiefs and 10 Pro Bowls to correct you.  At 33, he got prolly 2-3 of declining years of performance then about 1-2 years of just hangin on with some team.  He’s not a back so the diminished capacity won’t hurt him.  There was only one Shannon Sharpe and don’t you forget it. 

Another question, will TGon’s move to the NFC break his Pro Bowl streak? There’s a certain Jeremy Shockey in that same division.

Stank-0 is doubtful that TGon won’t make the Pro Bowl.  It’s a popularity contest and he’s a fixture now.  Shockey ain’t takin Gonzalez’ Pro Bowl spot.  Werds, you can forget that. 

TGon, Stank-0 wishes you had stayed but thank you for your years of service, your time with the Greatest Show on Grass, and the lean years.  Stank-0 hopes that you can be as beneficial to the Falcons as you’ve been in KC. 

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