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Mishmash from Week 1 of the Preseason

Posted: August 14, 2012 in MNF, NFL

The Cowboys @ Raiders MNF game was a stinker. That was difficult to watch. We didn’t learn anything of value about the Cowboys nor the Raiders offense.  I did see a trend. 

Any fantasy football readers, I implore to pick up D-Mac. The Raiders are gonna lean on him alot this season. He had a screen play and some good runs.  I thought they would keep feeding him because the Cowboys weren’t stopping him, but they went deep to Jacoby Ford, unfortunately.  Barring significant injury, he is poised to have a monster year.

I’m up in the air about Chad Johnson‘s future. He might have to sit out this season because right now he’s radioactive.  I’m unsure whether he can come back next season.  Unless some top of the line receivers blow out their ACLs, you won’t see Johnson on the field this season.  It’s sad actually because the Dolphins are extremely thin at receiver right now. I could go to a tryout and make the Dolphins team as wideout at this point, and I’m the height of the average NFL corner.

Once again these replacement refs have to go. They are either blowing some fairly easy calls or they are making the wrong call, Deadspin had a good post about it. During the first quarter, when Ford dropped two straight, the second pass should have been negated by defensive holding.  In the replay, you saw the Cowboys corner with a handful of jersey and they were waaaay past the 5 yard mark.

I’m not impressed by Andrew Luck’s performance because it was against the Rams. I’m sorry but when you can dump off and get a 62 yard TD, you are not playing against a very good defense. These games don’t count, coaches are trying to see who is going to make the 53 man roster.  I’m withholding praise or scorn until at least midway through the season.  I feel sorry for these rookie QBs, Cam Newton raised the bar.

Speaking of the Panthers, I think Luke Kuechly is the darkhorse for defensive ROY. He just made plays.


I heard that Dwayne Bowe, KC’s Pro Bowl wideout, is holding out.  (You know from my bio that I’m a Chiefs fan, this is a matter of grave importance.) I agree with players holding out, I’m just concerned it will affect the team’s performance.  This player is pivotal to the Chiefs offense efficiency. I certainly hope that Pioli, Cronnel, and Bowe’s agent can get a deal hammered out so Bowe can get back on the practice field. The AFC West is wide open and I would hate to see the season upended before it even began. 

I’m worried the Chiefs could lose Bowe as an unrestricted free agent.  That would truly set the offense (and the team) back.  It won’t get any easier.  Charles, Moeaki, Hali, and Johnson’s deals will come up pretty soon as well.


The NFL lockout no one is talkin about

Posted: August 1, 2012 in NFL

This isn’t on ESPN day after day.  There are no daily Day #XX updates and what’s the latest in the murky legalistic language surrounding the deadlock and the implications for us the fans but make no mistake this lockout is as important as the last one.  I’m referring to the NFL refs lockout. This group of men have the next greatest impact on the game after the players themselves.

The league is prepared to offer 5 to 11% per official.  That sounds reasonable but I haven’t heard what the refs union is counterproposing. This lockout needs to end ASAP. Say no to replacement refs.

This rumor has been swirling for a little bit, and surprisingly Stank-0 thinks it’s a good move.  Considering the Titans are in low-key rebuilding mode.  They are starting the post-VY era, they drafted a lesser version of VY with Jake Locker.  Why not go the whole hog and deal CJ while there’s still value in him.  Jake Locker is not likely to turn into Sam Bradford (read: throw him in the deep end and he actually swims) or that would be my same advice for the Rams.  The Titans are in a tougher division and tougher conference.  He who hesitates is lost.  Let him go!

The Raiders may be on the upswing.  With D-Mac, Hey-Bey impersonating a WR, and Campbell as the stopgap while Pryor learns the offense. Imagine a two-headed running attack of D-Mac and CJ.  Hey-Bey could finally get open with that kind of playaction.

Everyone wins in this scenario. CJ will likely get his money, the Titans get rid of the headache, and the Raiders get another high quality offensive player.

The return of football: Pre-season week 1

Posted: August 15, 2011 in NFL

After the initial glow of watching football faded (roughly after the starters were pulled in the Eagles @ Ravens game) it was time to see what could be learned from all the football.  Thankfully the NFL Network showed pretty much every game as well. Which was a colossal waste of time.  ESPN showed the important highlights.

Stank-0 is just glad they are playing football again.  Stank-0 will also go on record and put an asterisk on this season.  There will be sloppy play and lots of injuries.  Hopefully Stank-0 is wrong as two left shoes, but how can there not be helter skelter play this season? Rookies had training camp for 2 weeks. You know how much you can learn in two weeks? Nothing!

The Eagles will be must-see TV every week.  If they don’t have prime-time games for better than 70% of the season, then some TV execs need to be horse whipped and fired. You’ll need a separate cam for about 5-7 different people on the PHI sidelines this season.

Stank-0 will say this now and avoid the problems later.  In 3 years, Cam Newton will be leaps and bounds ahead of Tim Tebow.  Cam looked like he worked on his throwing mechanics the day after he won the national title.

NFC North and South as well as the AFC South will be murderous this  season.  Each of the aforementioned has three legit playoff teams in the division.

Stank-0 will attempt to blog more and more regularly.  Stick with me. Trying to build a team of writers in case Stank-0 can’t get in front of a computer.

Aside: Stank-0’s gf is a die-hard Panthers fan so occasionally Stank-0 will post her quotables from a game we watch together. On Julius Peppers:

“He’s a raggedy ba*tard! He made 1.6M per game his last season in Carolina and didn’t earn a penny of it.  If he wanted to leave he should have just said so.  At least he didn’t go to New England.”

Assessing the 2008 NFL Draft

Posted: April 29, 2011 in NFL

As is Stank-0’s established practice, when draft time comes around, it’s time to look at the draft 3 years prior.

The top 5 picks are still contributors

Jake Long (MIA), Chris Long (STL), Matt Ryan (ATL), Darren McFadden (OAK), Glenn Dorsey (KC).  All solid.

Notable names from Round 1: Jerod Mayo, Joe Flacco, Chris Johnson, Jonathan Stewart, Aqib Talib, Rashad Mendenhall, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Dustin Keller

Round 2: Brandon Flowers, Tracy Porter, Eddie Royal, Matt Forte, Fred Davis, DeSean Jackson, Ray Rice, Chad Henne, Martellus Bennett

Round 3: Jamaal Charles, Steve Slaton, Mario Manningham

Round 4: Tashard Choice

Round 5: John David Booty (not seeing the field), Tim Hightower, Dennis Dixon

Round 6: Colt Brennan (released from WSH), Mike Hart, Pierre Garcon

Round 7: Matt Flynn (played for Rodgers on a SNF game), Steve Johnson, Peyton Hillis (now in CLE)

When it’s all said and done, there’s not a whole lot of players that break through.

The next draft to be re-examined will be the 2008 NBA draft in late June.

Sabermetrics for football?

Posted: February 21, 2011 in NFL, sports opinion

After listening to someone on Baseball Tonight mention some obscure stat, Stank-0 realized that the NFL needs a sabermetric revolution.

Think about it, we attribute all INTs to the QB when clearly the receiver (WR, TE, RB) plays a large part of whether the ball is received or not.  INTs need to be attributed to the receiver as well.  Passes thrown to receiver caught, not caught, intercepted, and fumbled. That’s not to speak about the DBs and safeties that make a play on the ball.  None of that is looked at, it’s simply a INT charged to the QB.

There are plenty of things to look at: what effect a certain player has on whether there is a 3-and-out? False starts? offsides? What side of the line does blitzing work the best on? The least? How many blitzers result in an incomplete pass? INT?

Is there a correlation between time of possession and red zone efficiency?

Stank-0 believes alot of the numbers will revolve around the QB and both sides of line for obvious reasons.  They are the persons with the greatest bearing on the outcome of the play.

This is in the beginning stages, Stank-0 will have to think on this some more.


Some surprising news out of Oakland

Posted: January 9, 2011 in NFL, offseason 

It seems that all world corner, Nnamdi Asomugha, is about to hit the free agent market.  Coach Ryan, here’s your best chance to have a real-life fantasy corner duo.  Dump Cromartie (who tends to struggle in anything but straight bump-and-run man to man) and get the best corner in football and pair him with the 2nd best corner in football.

Al Davis loves Asomugha so there’s still a chance he may re-sign him, however, it won’t be cheap.  Or maybe it will with the labor unrest. 

Imagine Asomugha and Revis on the same team.  Scary isn’t it?  Slot receivers and athletic TEs would put up hellacious numbers on the Jets because the wide outs would be blanketed.  The only time the QB would look at them is in the huddle.

They even added fuel to the fire in last year’s Pro Bowl by talkin about wanting to play on the same team.  This may be that opportunity.

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Wild wildcard Weekend

Posted: January 9, 2011 in NFL, playoffs

Stank-0 will not go over each game (that’s why you watch the games).

Jeff Tuttle/Associated Press

First of all, the Chiefs unfortunately laid an egg the last two weeks (including the wild card game). The defense started out just fine but because the offense couldn’t move the ball, the defense was on the field for 41 minutes.  The Chiefs’ O did not help the defense with 5 turnovers.  In the offseason, Jamaal Charles needs to holla at Purple Jesus about how he resolved his fumbling problems.

The Ravens just slowly wore them down.  Stank-0 also wonders whether Charlie Weis’ head was on going to become a college offensive coordinator versus figuring out how to score on the Raven’s defense.

The Chiefs put a lid on the outside deep routes, but Flacco either scrambled or hit underneath (Todd Heap had 10 catches and over 100 yards both Ravens postseason records).

Kirby Lee/NFL

The shocker of the weekend was obviously the out-of-this-world play of Hasslebeck.  Stank-0 wouldn’t have picked the Seahawks at all.  The Saints’ corners kept biting on pump fakes and got torched for it.  Stank-0 will say this though, the Saints did not have the full complement of backs.  Reggie is a gadget back not a between-the-tackle runner but they were shorthanded in the backfield.

Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode probably had the play of the wildcard games with that 74 yard run capped off by a chokeslam stiff arm from hell.

You have to believe that the Seahawks staff looked at probably 500+ hours of tapes on the Saints.  They seemed to scheme offensively very well. (i.e. the pump fakes on the outside corners)  Honestly, they took down Goliath no other team will be as tough an outing.

Defense played a crucial role in the Jets @ Colts and Packers @ Eagles.  The losing team’s defense couldn’t stop the running game.  Peyton didn’t have an exceptional game, just a Peyton-like game.  He also wasn’t able to integrate Reggie Wayne, who was blanketed by Revis.  Wayne had 1 catch for 1 yard.  Non factor status.

(AP Photo/AJ Mast)

The Jets offensive line just powered over the faster smaller Colts’ defensive line, especially in the 2nd half.  They got back to running the ball and quit trying to playin cute.

Rob Carr/Associated Press

The Eagles stayed in striking distance for most of the game but the defense had difficulty in stopping the run.   The point difference was the two field goals missed.  Throw in a dinged up DeSean Jackson and you have a recipe for a tough outing.  Vick had a chance to be a hero but his last throw (possibly as an Eagle) was inside and not too high when it needed to be outside and higher.

The Packers seemed to have schemed very well to stop Vick for the most part.  The defense seemed to bring delayed pressure and mixed up coverages and schemes to keep the Eagles offense off-balance.

Andrew Luck's Panther Jersey

Image by zzazazz via Flickr

The biggest story right now is Andrew Luck deciding to remain at Stanford.  It makes perfect sense.  The NFL is staring a lockout in the face.  It will affect draftees, free agents, etc.  If you are a kid with a year to wait, why not stay in school?  Luck isn’t in a financial bind that he needs to declare.  His father played in the NFL and the money situation is fine.

Stank-0 is worried that Luck will be the latest victim of Brohm-itis. Hopefully, he will not be injured during his senior season and the NFL will settle its labor disagreement so that if there is a work stoppage by 2011, football will be back on the following season.

Will Harbaugh remain at Stanford since he will have his QB for one more year?  Unfortunately, his stock will never be higher than it is now (Luck as well).  It makes the most sense to strike while the iron is hot.  All the available jobs have some degree of apprehension attached to them.  The team with the most in the cupboard has been spoken for (supposedly) by Bill Cowher.

The twitterverse is reporting that Harbaugh is SoBe-bound.  His salary may be in the range from $7 to 8 M.  If MIA passes, there will be a line around the block for a chance at Jim Harbaugh.