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The end of the run

Posted: March 21, 2010 in college basketball, KU, NCAA, the Dance
[Disclaimer: This post will be one of the kind.  That’s all that will be said.]

This post had to be done by none other than Stank-0.  My alma mater, the University of Kansas, is out of the tourney.  It was a shock to the system.  See, I’m Kansas born and Kansas bred and a Kansan til I’m dead.  With that comes a few things, such as pulling for the Jayhawks regardless of whether they have 4 NBA first round draft picks or they are recovering from losing them.  It also means that you can be honest with yourself, but never share those feelings with the wider sports world. 

I mean I could talk myself and others into thinking the Jayhawks were championship material, but I always had a few moments of doubt.  It just felt like something was missing.  I believe that championship caliber teams have this eff you gear they hit and KU seemed to lack it.  KU is methodical which is good, but they don’t go all out.  As of today, I believe that Cuse and UK have that eff you gear.  I watched Cuse’s eff you gear against Nova and saw UK’s eff you gear against Wake Forest last night.  It’s when you see the opponent is on the ropes and you just punch him out of the ring.  You don’t knock him out you knock him out of the ring, send him tumbling onto the writers.  You see, I realized our Achilles heels a while back and hoped to Almighty God that it wouldn’t rear its ugly head during the most important month of college basketball.

This year’s edition of the Jayhawks are poor at defending the three.  I saw this flaw during a few trap games and especially during the loss to Tenn and Ok St

And man if God did not hear my prayer.  See I was hoping that we would get UNLV because we match up better with them than a bunch of undersized gunners, but we got the gunners. 

I knew about halfway through the game yesterday they were gonna lose.  Sherron Collins was trying to shoot us back in the game and was having the opposite effect.  See Collins has this habit of trying to take over the game when it is not in his abilty to do so.  UNI’s D was simple, keep the man in front of you by moving your feet and don’t reach!  It’s a very simple concept but it doesn’t happen very much anymore in college or NBA basketball.  Combine that with the taller defenders, Collins was a non-factor. 

I love the Chi-town Killah’s (shout to Ed) game and hope he can latch on in the NBA, but he has been in a slump for about 12-15 games.  His offensive efficiency has declined and he is making needless turnovers. 

I still believe in Bill Self, he’s a good coach.  Remember he took Tulsa to the Elite 8.  The man knows his X’s and O’s, but this year was not meant to be.  So I’ll still watch the rest of the tourney (with lower blood pressure) and hope that Cuse and UK meet on April 5th.  KU you gave us another good season.  See you next year.

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Trifecta, basketball edition

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Kobe Bryant, NBA, NCAA

Normally, we have a double play, but there’s alot goin on to write about. 

Sunflower State Showdown

Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Well dear readers, the subject of the first “State the Case,” Sherron Collins, was the hero in the KU @ K-State game.  Collins tried to end the game but had a costly turnover, which led to OT.

In OT, with time ticking away, Collins made the lay-up on a serious dribble drive that gave KU the victory.  I’m sure that Stank-0 is pleased with the win.  KU remains perfect in the Big XII. 

For two teams that have been meeting since 1907, I don’t know if they will ever top this one.  EVER. 

D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images
Dealing A.I. for Billups might have been one of the smartest moves the Nuggets ever made.  Billups aka Smooth just finished up the best January of his career.  Of. His. Career.  Billups is one of the 5 best PG’s in the league.  He proved it today against the Spurs without the services of 30 points per game scorer Carmelo Anthony. 
D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images
It was all good because K-Mart picked up the slack with 27 points on 9-15 shooting.  K-Mart was stroking it from 15 feet from either elbow.  Affalo also chipped in with about 18 on great shooting. 
If the Nuggets can win like this with Melo out, wait til he comes back. 
From watching the Spurs today, their window of opportunity has closed.  They are still Western Conference powers but they can’t put the clamps on anyone anymore.  They are 11-19 against .500 or better teams.
Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images
I was worried this game would be a blowout because All-Star Rondo took over the 1st half.  Young boy was everywhere.  Couple that with the fact that Kobe was dinged up (finger, bad ankle, back spasms) and it looked like the C’s would run away with this one. 
Even with Kobe dinged up, he’s still formiable.  He had a horrible shooting game but took over in the closing moments to sink a free throw line fadeaway with Jesus Shuttlesworth playing perfect D to put the Lakers up one.  That was all they needed.
With 7.3 seconds left in regulation, the C’s run a pick and roll and Pierce is headed toward the basketball when he dishes to Jesus Shuttlesworth on the backside of the play.  Odom switches off KG to put his hands up and Shuttlesworth’s trey clangs off the rim.  Game! 
The Legend of the Black Mamba continues to grow! 

More manna from heaven

Posted: April 4, 2009 in college basketball, KU, NCAA
God must truly be smiling on Kansas right now.  First, Chiefs GM Pioli grabs Matt Cassel as the Chiefs starting quarterback.  Then Broncos QB gets in his feelings about almost being dealt for Cassel and forces his way out of town.  Lastly, the lowly Royals are seemingly in the start of an uptick.  Now Xavier Henry, the #1 rated high school basketball player, wants to sign with Kansas after de-committing to Memphis due to Calipari movin to Kentucky

So Coach Self, gift baskets are in order.  To John Calipari for blowing up a truly one of a kind class that Memphis was expecting.  Henry and Tyreke Evans in the same backcourt?  That would be scary.  Assuming that Evans doesn’t got in the draft. 

To add insult to injury, Henry’s brother, a walk-on at Memphis, wants to transfer to Kansas to play with his brother.  All this comes via Henry’s father. 

So Kansas can reload while bringing back everyone from the Sweet 16 team this year

So again thank you John Calipari for gift wrapping another guard for the Jayhawks.  Much obliged homey.

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So Calipari is considering the Kentucky coaching job. This one is a no brainer. Billy G got fired after two seasons, they missed the Dance for the first time in 17 years, the fanbase has unreal expectations, and they don’t have the talent they used to have.

How is this decision that difficult? At Memphis, Calipari can become the winningest coach in men’s college basketball. He could average 30 win seasons, Conference USA is Memphis’ to lose every single year, and they get great recruits because they only really battle UTenn for players.

In Kentucky, he’s gonna be fighting with former UK coach and future HOFer Rick Pitino. Yes, Kentucky is a storied program but it’s not what it used to be. We at Stankoniforous Files are fond of giving unwanted free advice but this time I want to seriously help Calipari. Stay where you are.

In about 4-5 more seasons, Memphis will be a name program as well. Just work on keepin your freshman past a single year and you are on your way. Thank me later.

Dancing….1st wave

Posted: March 19, 2009 in NCAA, the Dance
Dwayne Anderson Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Some thoughts on the first games….

A&M jumped all over BYU. Brigham Young clawed back into and now have a 12 point halftime deficit.

Memphis has its hands full with the 16 seeded Northridge. Memphis, step your jumper game up. Only a bench player, Roburt Sallie, is strokin it from deep. Memphis, you need to make this happen or you will screw up alot of brackets.

LSU has a 6 point halftime lead over Butler. I get the feeling that LSU is gonna pull away in the 2nd half. Butler’s 1st possession of the 2nd half they dump it down low and bring the lead down to 4. Butler gonna pound the middle.

Also NCAA’s commercial was hot.

More will come later.

UPDATE! The Memphis-CS Northridge game has been the game of the tourney so far. Unfortunately, Memphis’ fatal flaw, shooting, has been exposed.

Other games of note today are: Gonzaga pullin one out against Akron, U Dub (Washington) blitzed M-i crooked letters, Michigan eked by Clemson, A&M pummeled BYU, Nova rallied past American U, UT moved past Minnesota, and most other games have gone according to seed. Ho hum!

Unbelieveably, the Big East did garner three #1’s. It seems that S-dot was wrong.

Stank-0 is also surprised that UConn got a 1 seed as, seeing as they flamed out in their first game. Wonder what was the criterion for giving the 1’s? It couldn’t have been conference tourneys alone, for obvious reasons.

After looking at the bracket, the Midwest Region looks monstrous. Good luck to all the teams in that region.

Also, how did the Pac-10 and the ACC each get 7 teams? Really? Stank-0 is missing something. Arizona got in with a RPI of 63. Guess Lute Olson made a “donation.” How did the Big 10 get more than Michigan St. in? The rest of that conference is straight dookie.

I was insane. I was a complete homer for the league I have been watching since I was a no-nothing adolescent. Despite the naysayers and even the most unbiased opinions (who thought this was crazy too) You know, those in the closet ACC fans. The Big East has made history yet again by way of Pittsburgh, Louisville and Connecticut busting the brackets with one seeds.

I was at the barber shop this past Saturday and the discussion came up of which conference was the “power” conference this year. I made my case for the Big East without tossing out numbers, records, and competition level to avoid the typical banter of sports discussions. The entire barber shop dismissed my opinion. “ACC is the power conference in basketball buddy.” I chose not to beat it to death and let the facts speak when the dust settles. I will walk a little taller into the shop come Saturday. I won’t mention it but everyone will know the deal.

I am happy with the committee this year. They got it right. This still isn’t enough for me to forgive them for the monumental SNUB of my Orangemen but as the axe says “time heals wounds”….maybe.

I appreciate our newest contributor writing about something other than the Big XII.

The comments section in M0yo’s post has garnered debate about who should get the #1’s.

Let’s run this down proper like:

OU, KU, UConn and Pitt all lost in their first conference tournament games. How can the committee in all honestly reward them for failure? Especially since the committee looks at recent play in seeding the field. OU, UConn, and Pitt were clearly in the running for a 1. KU could have stolen a 1 by winning the Big XII. They were clearly a 2, now probably a 3-5 now.

I agree with Stank-0, UNC, possibly Duke, definitely L’Ville, UCLA, and maybe maybe maybe Michigan State are in the running for a 1 now. That’s just fact. They are all still playing. If L’Ville wins the Big East, they are a lock for a 1. I could see UNC being rewarded because it is a name school.

That is all. Now it’s time to start gettin your brackets ready.

Of course, we knew Stank-o would ignore the Big East. I can’t really say that I blame him. I mean his beloved Jayhawks took an L from this same Syracuse team earlier this season in a house they had not lost in since 1982. Sour grapes or just indifference? Who knows? but… Just so it’s out there the Big East tournament blows every other conference tourney out of the water. The fact of the matter is this…

– 3 top 5 teams – 6 top 25 teams
– Crazy comeback by Marquette and then eventual buzzer beater by ‘Nova
– West Virginia beating #2 ranked Pittsburgh
– Oh, and my team, #20 Syracuse beating #4 UConn in 6 OT’s

MAJOR drama. Jim Boeheim may be getting a little too old for this. He was at a loss for words as he repeatedly said “Words cannot describe my emotions of this game”. You can’t say enough about how both teams made play after play as the night wore on. I actually have a new found respect for UConn (a team I dislike to no end) AJ Price played his friggin heart out. He’s a balla! point blank period. In the end J fly Jonny Flynn and the Orange crew were not to be denied and I for one am the happiest most tired basketball fan breathing right now. It’s was a honor to watch history happen and for my team to prevail as the winner. Look at the box score!

Banged on!

Posted: March 6, 2009 in NCAA, posterized
Jeff Teague! Stand up cousin.

This dunk is sickening. *Feeling nauseous*

Teague MD

Shout out to  [You got Dunked On]

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