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Melo is a free agent…and?

Posted: June 23, 2014 in NBA

Western Conference Championship

Well there’s good news and bad news. The bad news (for the Knicks) is that he’s gone. No need to play with your emotions, Melo is gone. So…you gutted a very good Knicks team for Melo only for him to leave as a free agent. That also means that JR Swish will be jettisoned as well. This the LeBron effect. Embrace or not.

Chicago and MIA are supposed to making a hard run at him. My advice (free by the way) as a Nuggets fan, is don’t. Melo is a great scorer but he kills an offense with ball stopping. The ball swings around then the gets to Melo and it doesn’t move. Players stop moving and watch. He gives the jab steps, etc. and then gets buckets. Rinse and repeat. It happened in Denver that had Chauncey Billups and Nene. Ball still stopped. Ball don’t move.

It could work in MIA, in theory but it would require an unbalanced floor to work where Melo becomes the floor stretcher a la Olympic Melo. Not sure how Melo would fit in Chi. Too many variables starting with DRose and the unbalanced floor with Booz already the 3.

It will be interesting in the days ahead to see what teams, if any, are truly interested to make a run at Melo.



The NBA has this bad habit of doing the exact same thing another league did at the @ss wrong time. The NBA is knee deep in a lockout right after the NFL kissed and made up after the longest work stoppage in that league’s history.  It got real when the HOF Game became a casualty.  It made owners and players sit up and take notice.

Now it’s the NBA’s turn, and people already (including yours truly) don’t care because of NFL lockout-related fatigue.  We, as a fan collective, were on pins and cushions hoping and praying that the season would start.  Many of us conceded that games would be lost but perhaps there would still be a season.

That same optimism is not evident in the NBA.  David Stern would get down on his knees and thank God if the NBA had the “labor problems” the NFL had.  The NFL was trying to figure out how to split the pie so everyone could eat.  The NBA is saying the pie is so small very few people are eating.  No one forced any owner to overpay Rashard Lewis.  His salary has become the Exhibit A of runaway salaries for players.

The NBA also has something the NFL doesn’t have: competition.  These players are actively looking at playing in Europe if this thing drags out. Then there’s past history, we’ve been down this road before and it cost the NBA some games in the 99-00 season.

As sly as its kept there are alot of slots overseas for players to consider.  If Stank-0 is not mistaken, every continent has a basketball league.  If players start missing checks and bills gotta get paid, take a pay cut and go play somewhere else.  Then hope this thing blows over.

The NBA may have also expanded too quickly.  Contraction might not be such a bad thing, but this lockout won’t get serious until about October.

NBA trade mania!

Posted: February 25, 2011 in NBA

The Melo deal opened the floodgates.  Still unsure how Melo will fit into the Knicks’ offense.  He is an iso scoring player.  He doesn’t derive his scoring from the flow the offense.

The team he left behind (no Kirk Cameron!) has won two straight but they are different now.  Their offense is no longer stifled with a ball stopper.  They may not have the superstar they once did but they have a lot of good pieces to be a playoff contender.

If Mike Bibby wants to sign with a contender, he'll have to negotiate a buyout with the Wizards by Tuesday.

Then the Hawks sent Mike Bibby and  some pieces for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong.  The Hawks were obviously looking for more of a pass first PG.

After that deal, Derron Williams moved to the East himself and became a member of the Nets.  The Nets deal was more for the future and in trying to become a free agent destination specifically for the free agent class of 2012, specifically D12.

Then after that Baron Davis was sent to the Cleveland and Mo Williams and Jamario Moon went to LaLa Land. Stank-0 was not sure that BDiddy’s huge contract could even be moved.  He signed a 5 year deal and still has 2 years left on it.  The Cavs are in the process of cleanin house and they need to.

Then Gerald Wallace was sent to Portland and that might have been the underrated trade of the deadline.

The final move might be the most important.  Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson, and Nazr Mohammed were shipped to OKC in exchange for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic.

Stank-0 is of the opinion that the move allowed the rest of the East to gain on the Celtics.  The frontline is now dependent upon the two O’Neals, one of which hasn’t played at all this year and the other is a shell of a shell of his former self.

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Melo may finally be on the move

Posted: January 9, 2011 in NBA

Stank-0 will set down the basics, it could involve Denver, NJ, and Detroit.  Here’s more specifics:

The primary elements of the scenario currently on the table, sources said, call for New Jersey to acquire Anthony, Billups and Hamilton; Denver to land Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow and at least two first-round picks; and Detroit to acquire Troy Murphy and Johan Petro.

Beyond that, nothing is firm.  There are alot of moving parts in this matter. C-Bills, a Denver native, will seek a buyout if dealt.  If the Nets move Harris, then they have no point guard, however, with Ty Lawson in Denver; Harris becomes unnecessary so he could be bought out.

This still hinges on Melo signing an extension before he’s dealt.  With pending labor problems, Melo might want to take the money on the table.

Stank-0 got a look at the Magic.  As the pundits have said, you don’t blow up a good team this far into the season.  It makes the Magic a very deep team, but you have to believe some players will be butthurt about not starting or losing minutes.  SVG, you have your work cut out for you.

They brought in Gilbert, Richardson, and Hedo.  For those keeping score, Hedo left town to get more money.  He went to T.O (Toronto) and had a throwaway season.  He eventually landed in PHX and looked to have found a home.

Suns owner Robert Sarver must think this is Monopoly because he keeps making deals.  He did add some size with the Polish Hammer, Marcin Gortat.


In breaking news, Larry Brown has stepped down as coach of the Bobcats.  This is surprising because Brown got the Bobcats into the playoffs just last season.  Guess expectations went through the roof.  Stank-0 hasn’t seen much of the Bobcats, not counting finding Sherron Collins.  That’s the extent of Bobcats’ basketball, that Stank-0 has observed.

Who does Chairman MJ go get to coach the Bobcats? Any suggestions? Better question, who wants the job?


Stank-0 was glad to see the culmination of Ken Burns10th inning.  It continued with everything that happened since the homer run chase of 98. Barry Bonds was prominent in this segment.  We were then taken on a trip to the Giants trip to the World Series where they ultimately fell to the Anaheim Angels.  You can’t lay that on Barry.  He hit 4 HRs, drew 13 walks (a World Series record)

It touched on Sept 11th and how baseball was used to bring people together again.  The Yankees made the World Series that year, only to fall in 7 games to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It showed the 2003 and 2004 playoffs between the Yankees and BoSox.  Stank-0 remembered watching Aaron Boone homer in the bottom of the 11th to end that series and propel the Yankees to the World Series. Yankee Stadium went apes**t.

The 2004 playoffs predictably took up alot of the documentary.  The BoSox came back down 3-0 to beat the hated Yankees and advanced to the World Series.  They swept whomever it was to win and break the curse.

Then we got the see how Ichiro made his way into the MLB.  He just may be the best hitter in my lifetime.  He broke the record for 200 hit seasons.

All in all, it was a satisfying end to the documentary.


Stank-0 was in the upper deck with the homie, M0yo and wife.  Kevin Love put on a show, 43 & 17.  He hustles for those boards to.  He is a gifted rebounder, Rodman-esque even.  Love went 5-for-5 from range.   The Nuggets with the personnel available, really had no answer for Love.

There was a Johnny Flynn sighting, but did nothing of consequence.  M0yo observed that the triangle offense isn’t for a PG like Flynn, and Stank-0 would have to agree.

Melo and Ty Lawson had the quietest 20+ point games ever.  Melo didn’t seem to be exerting any effort, just wetting cats up with jumpers.  Unfortunately, Chauncey didn’t suit up for the game either.  Stank-0 was looking forward to seeing Mr. Big Shot.

The game had no pop, nothing to make you want to watch.

Man, remember when B-Easy was the truth?  Yeah that ended real quick like.  We starting callin him the black hole, because once the ball swung to him the offense stopped dead.  He would pull the trigger at a moment’s notice.  If he couldn’t then he would pass out.

Can someone tell me what a Martell Webster is?  He chipped in about 15-20 points.   When did Luke Ridnour, formerly one of the Lukes of Hazard, arrive in Minny?  Does anyone remember when Melvin Ely had game?  Nope?  Me either.  Still salty that Maryland upended KU in the Final Four in 2002.

We left when JR Swish knocked down a triple with less than a minute left in the game.

All in all not a bad game to watch.

First of all, excuse Stank-0’s extended absence.  First, Stank-0 went down to the homeplace with his lady, and then on the last day of the trip fell ill.  That put the blog game on time out, but now it’s back on.

This Saturday is conference championship Saturday.  The game that le twitter has been goin on about is the SEC championship: Auburn vs S. Carolina.  Stank-0 would be lyin if he said he expected either of these teams to be here. That game rests on one issue: can you stop/slow down/limit Cam Newton?  That’s it.  If Cam has a marginally good game, he needs to get his suit dry cleaned to accept his Heisman. Strike a pose!

The Big XII Championship is intriguing because Nebraska and Oklahoma have played in some legendary games (1971 Game of the Century which they want to honor in 2020-21 with a home-and-home series) and this is Nebraska’s final game as a member of the XII.

In the NFL you have the Broncos going to division-leading KC and the Raiders going to San Diego.  These two games could go a long way towards deciding the division.  You also get ATL vs TB part II.  The Dirty Birds owned the first game so the Bucs will definitely want some get back.  The Steelers are going to Baltimore to face the Ravens in the Sunday Night game.  The Ravens won the previous match up so this game is very important for the AFC North.

To top it all off, you get Jets @ Patriots on Monday Night.  Gang Green is playing as well as anyone in the AFC if not the entire league. Can Tom Bieber Brady cool them off in Foxboro?

The NBA really has no game of value with two teams worth watching over the weekend, it’s quite sad.

In college basketball, you have Butler @ Duke, but it doesn’t excite. Then there’s UK @ UNC.  Could be good but its all about the Wildcats at this point.  There are of course a plethora of college basketball games on this weekend. 

That about covers this weekend.  What will you be watching?

Dunk: Nene times two

Posted: November 18, 2010 in dunk, NBA

Nene banged out on the Knicks yesterday.  Here’s the first one on Ronny Turiaf.  Still lookin for the other dunk.

Here’s the other one on Gallinari.

Shout out to You got dunked on for helping with the 2nd dunk.

Also lookin for BGriff’s dunk tonight.  Also post on deck for 10PM MST. 

Saw this live…didn’t expect Rondo to coast to the cup like that.


Although he was not drafted, Sherron Collins, the Chi-town Killah, has found a home in Charlotte.  Is it any surprise that Larry Brown (a former KU coach) took a chance on Collins? Shaun Livingston, nauseating injury fame, is also thriving on the Bobcats. Stank-0 may have just caught a glimpse of Larry Hughes, can’t call it.

The Bobcats are puttin a world of hurtin on the Spurs right now, but it’s still early.  31-24 in the 2nd quarter. Building looks full too.

The Spurs have closed the game and trail by 3, 35-32. Liking what Stank-0 is seeing from the Bobcats.  They play defense and hustle, hallmarks of a Larry Brown-coached team. The lead is back to 7.