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Spurs @ Nuggets: JR Swish

Posted: December 16, 2010 in dunk

Stank-0 was playing Monopoly online when he heard his neighbors go ballistic. Knowing that the Broncos aren’t playing to night, it had to be the Nuggests. Stank-0 went looking and found this.  Goodness gracious!  Watch the clip!


Really doe!

Only JR Swish!

Dunk: BGriff @ Minn

Posted: November 18, 2010 in dunk

As Stank-0 said, he would find the BGriff dunk from tonight and here it is.

Dunk: Nene times two

Posted: November 18, 2010 in dunk, NBA

Nene banged out on the Knicks yesterday.  Here’s the first one on Ronny Turiaf.  Still lookin for the other dunk.

Here’s the other one on Gallinari.

Shout out to You got dunked on for helping with the 2nd dunk.

Also lookin for BGriff’s dunk tonight.  Also post on deck for 10PM MST. 

Saw this live…didn’t expect Rondo to coast to the cup like that.



Posted: November 5, 2010 in dunk, NBA

D Rose bangin on fools. From the game going on right now against the Knicks in Chicago.

Someone got Dragic’d, fa real.

Special Deliveries

Posted: November 4, 2010 in dunk, NBA

Eric Gordon (EG for short) dunkin with reckless abandon.

The other one is on Timmay

Po lil tink tink.

KG musta got tired of controversy over what he said to Villanueva and took it out on Bogut.

Memory lane

Posted: April 27, 2010 in dunk, memory lane

So Stank-0 was sitting late last night and thought back to the first dunk.  Dunking as an activity is now very rare.  Ah to be younger again.  It’s as clear as yesterday.

Don’t get it twisted, Stank-0 got bunnies.  Anyway, the first dunk in a pick up game was back in undergrad.  Stank-0 was working the front desk so he couldn’t hoop with the fellas no more.  [That job didn’t last long.  Boring as all get out. Dealing with random f*ckery all the time. Didn’t get to kick it with the fellas.
Anyway, so at 12A a young Stank-0 decided to go down to the gym and shoot about 100 jumpers.  That was the plan, but it ain’t happen.  Stank-0 walked in the door and these cats were playing 21.  Stank-0 makes 4 so we got 2 on 2.
The only thing Stank-0 remembers is that someone shot too hard and Stank-0 perfectly timed his tip dunk.  Of course there was the primal scream [which became Stank-0’s post dunk signature.]
The next dunk was also a tip dunk.  Frankly, Stank-0 doesn’t even remember how he got up that high.  The ball bounced hard off the rim and Stank-0 just caught it.  The images in Stank-0’s head are simply him up in the air catching the rebound and sending it down…AAAAAAAAND the primal scream. 
The time after that was when my boy who was at KU chasing the dream of playing college ball, transferred to Nebraska, but was down for the weekened.  His little brother went up for a layup but it caromed off the glass too hard.  The play was in slow motion.  Stank-0 was about 5 steps behind him when he went up.  As soon as he went up, Stank-0 knew the ball was coming off the rim.  Stank-0 dunked it hung on the rim (which you weren’t supposed to do) and came down screaming.
The next time was a lob.  The guy just threw it up and Stank-0 went after it.  Had no idea where Stank-0 was in relation to the rim, but next thing Stank-0 knows he’s hanging on the rim.  Stank-0 does a pull up and then comes down…you guessed it…screaming. 
The most infamous dunk [the one my boys will still bring up to this day in fact] was the windmill off a drop step at the Y. Actually Stank-0 dunked twice there on the same outing. 
Now Stank-0 did dunk on someone but he was small so it don’t really count.
Stank-0 had some near misses. 
  •  A lob that was perfect but Stank-0 tried to cock it back in the air and it went of the back of the rim.
  • The lob that Stank-0 was gonna reverse but got pushed as soon as he went up. 
  • The near tip dunk except for two guys were hanging on as Stank-0 went up.  
If Stank-0 ever procreates, hopefully his son or daughter will be terrorizing the rim and letting out primal screams too.
Stank-0 aka Still got bunnies aka you can still get served!

Just watch the clip.  LBJ’s teammates went ballistic.

Dunks of the season

Posted: April 17, 2010 in dunk, NBA

I know I haven’t been posting regularly.  Here is my attempt at penance.  Yahoo’s top 10 dunks of the season.

I have to say that DWade’s dunk should be #1.  Also, I think it’s Ryan Hollis’ dunk should even be on there.

Thoughts? Disagree?  Agree?

Making a name for himself

Posted: March 18, 2010 in dunk, NBA

Corey Brewer is at is again!  This time the victim is Robin Lopez.  Nasty!

As always shout to [You got Dunked on]