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Stank-0 bought this book as Barnes & Noble was crashing and burning in the DMV.  Not being totally finished but Stank-0 is in complete agreement.  The BCS is dial up in a 4G world.  The BCS champion is not even officially recognized by the NCAA! What the hell kinda BS is that!

A few tidbits from the book

  • The SEC Commish came up with the plus one idea: it was killed by the other commishes because they feared it would get too popular and fans would push for a playoff.
  • In sworn testimony in front of Congress, the BCS mouthpieces have inferred they are “charities” when tax filings show they donated less than .05% of their revenue.
  • The big 6 conferences (ACC, Pac-12, Big East, SEC, Big 10, Big XII)are actively poaching from each other and other smaller conferences.  As a result, the solidarity is eroding.
  • The vast majority of schools that go to bowl games lose money, and lots of it. The school is required to “purchase” thousands of dollars worth of tickets among other things.  Most of them never get sold and the athletic dept has to eat the cost.
  • A playoff could work, independent of the bowl games. It would also kill the bowl games that don’t draw viewers or make money. It could start at the end of the season and be finished in time for the bowl games to begin.

After reading it, Stank-0 is seriously contemplating not watching bowl games. The BCS doesn’t listen to anything but dollar signs.  The money is from people watching. Stank-0 is just one man, but it has to start somewhere.

Big XII: lost and gain

Posted: August 25, 2011 in college football


The word is that A&M will formally notify the Big XII commish Don Beebe they are going to “explore” other options (read: leave the conference officially and join the SEC).  It’s sad but not shocking.  A&M tried to woo the SEC into inviting them while they were part of the Big XII and the SEC said not until you leave the Big XII.  So A&M is doing just that.

That brings the Big XII down to 10 right now, which is why the next story is very important.  SMU (yes that SMU of the death penalty fame) is actively looking to join the Big XII. SMU’s football program has been an afterthought since the death penalty but they would bring the Big XII back up to 10 member schools. They may or may not bring some of the Dallas media market considering there are already 3 other Texas schools.

The Big XII whiffed royally by not extending an invitation to TCU. Yes it would have been another Texas school but it would have been a school who’s star is clearly on the rise.

According to this article, John Junker, CEO of the Fiesta Bowl is in some hot water. 

John Junker became the executive director of the Fiesta Bowl in 1990 and was named the president and chief executive officer in 2000.

The IRS is looking into some of his goings on. It boils down to financial irregularities.  The takeaway is that the Fiesta Bowl could be dropped from the BCS rotation and the leading candidate to replace them? The Cotton Bowl and the $1.2B dollar stadium down the way in Arlington, TX.  Which just happens to be owned by none other than Jerry Jones.

There were independent investigations and more investigations.  It was all a very sorbid affair, read the story.

The Fiesta Bowl cannot be punished until after this current contract expires, in 3 years. You have to imagine that everyone involved with Fiesta will be under intense scrutiny.

Andrew Luck's Panther Jersey

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The biggest story right now is Andrew Luck deciding to remain at Stanford.  It makes perfect sense.  The NFL is staring a lockout in the face.  It will affect draftees, free agents, etc.  If you are a kid with a year to wait, why not stay in school?  Luck isn’t in a financial bind that he needs to declare.  His father played in the NFL and the money situation is fine.

Stank-0 is worried that Luck will be the latest victim of Brohm-itis. Hopefully, he will not be injured during his senior season and the NFL will settle its labor disagreement so that if there is a work stoppage by 2011, football will be back on the following season.

Will Harbaugh remain at Stanford since he will have his QB for one more year?  Unfortunately, his stock will never be higher than it is now (Luck as well).  It makes the most sense to strike while the iron is hot.  All the available jobs have some degree of apprehension attached to them.  The team with the most in the cupboard has been spoken for (supposedly) by Bill Cowher.

The twitterverse is reporting that Harbaugh is SoBe-bound.  His salary may be in the range from $7 to 8 M.  If MIA passes, there will be a line around the block for a chance at Jim Harbaugh.

Map detailing the locations of the schools of ...

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Since Stank-0 already stated that the Big XII is a dead man walking, that leaves a question.  What’s next?

Well according to my source, for some very odd reason A&M has taken a liking to KU.  If A&M is moving to a new conference, they want to bring along KU.  What this source can’t possibly know (because he’s a Texan) is that the Kansas legislature has bound KU and K-State together. KU cannot go and leave K-State in the cold.  Stank-0 doesn’t not want to cause too much trouble by mentioning the conference by name.

As we all knew during the alleged conference dismemberment, the Big 10(11) had its eyes on Texas as well as A&M, and was willing to make a formal offer to join. That offer will still likely be on the table because the Big 10(11) wants access to the Texas markets.

Stank-0 can imagine that the Pac-10(12) will likely make another run at some members of the Big XII South again. All they will need is 4 to reach a 16 member conference. Then they can create two 8-member divisions.

The problem with the Big XII is that they let their window of opportunity pass.  With the loss of Colorado and Nebraska, the Big XII neglected to expand specifically into the Colorado to cover the loss of the Denver market.  They could have easily recovered the Denver market by adding two schools from Colorado.  The window is closing especially in the geographic area with the Pac-10(12) and Big 10(12) expanding into Big XII country.

Expansion is still possible.  The conference can re-capture the Denver market by adding Air Force.  The longer stretch is extending the offer to BYU, who recently became an independent.  It would allow BYU to become an AQ school again and it would allow Air Force to move into a better conference.

Commish Beebe, the clock is ticking.  If you don’t do something the conference will fall apart.

The dream is unfulfilled

Posted: December 5, 2010 in college football

Stank-0 has made no bones about the fact that he wanted Boise State or TCU to make it to the National Championship game. Unfortunately, that will not happen this year.

Oregon ran their wind sprint fast break offense in a win over in-state rival Oregon State. Stank-0 didn’t watch much of the game, but when he switched over to watch Oregon was up by double digits and never looked back. Their spot was assured. The only opening left for a non-AQ team to qualify would be for Auburn to stumble against South Carolina.

Stank-0 watched this game and it was amazing. Cam Newton is undeniably the best player in college football. Stank-0 has been trying to think of whom Newton compares to at this stage of his career. The closest comparison would be the late Steve “Air” McNair from his Alcorn State days.

Auburn (read: Newton) was simply too much for South Carolina.  Auburn laid a straight up beatdown. 

The SEC sends its fifth straight representative to the National Championship game.

Stank-0 doesn’t want TCU nor Boise State to feel down about their seasons.  What they accomplished will be talked about for years to come.  Both of these teams ran over, through, and around ranked teams throughout this season.

TCU took matters into their own hands and joined an AQ conference so if they can run the table again, then there’s a good chance that TCU will play for a title…next year.

Stank-0 will look at the national title matchup between Oregon and Auburn.

First of all, excuse Stank-0’s extended absence.  First, Stank-0 went down to the homeplace with his lady, and then on the last day of the trip fell ill.  That put the blog game on time out, but now it’s back on.

This Saturday is conference championship Saturday.  The game that le twitter has been goin on about is the SEC championship: Auburn vs S. Carolina.  Stank-0 would be lyin if he said he expected either of these teams to be here. That game rests on one issue: can you stop/slow down/limit Cam Newton?  That’s it.  If Cam has a marginally good game, he needs to get his suit dry cleaned to accept his Heisman. Strike a pose!

The Big XII Championship is intriguing because Nebraska and Oklahoma have played in some legendary games (1971 Game of the Century which they want to honor in 2020-21 with a home-and-home series) and this is Nebraska’s final game as a member of the XII.

In the NFL you have the Broncos going to division-leading KC and the Raiders going to San Diego.  These two games could go a long way towards deciding the division.  You also get ATL vs TB part II.  The Dirty Birds owned the first game so the Bucs will definitely want some get back.  The Steelers are going to Baltimore to face the Ravens in the Sunday Night game.  The Ravens won the previous match up so this game is very important for the AFC North.

To top it all off, you get Jets @ Patriots on Monday Night.  Gang Green is playing as well as anyone in the AFC if not the entire league. Can Tom Bieber Brady cool them off in Foxboro?

The NBA really has no game of value with two teams worth watching over the weekend, it’s quite sad.

In college basketball, you have Butler @ Duke, but it doesn’t excite. Then there’s UK @ UNC.  Could be good but its all about the Wildcats at this point.  There are of course a plethora of college basketball games on this weekend. 

That about covers this weekend.  What will you be watching?

The Big XII is dead

Posted: November 18, 2010 in conference expansion

Stank-0 knows we all remember the summer when the death of the Big XII was imminent, right? Well

 The Big XII won’t be so lucky this time. The end is near!

Stank-0 got into an accidental conversation about how the Big XII (10) narrowly avoided death.  In this conversation, Stank-0 was informed that the true savior of the conference was not Texas’ reluctance to being linked to the death of two conferences, but A&M. 

Stank-0 is sure you all remember that there were rumors that A&M was all set to join the SEC, right?  That is true but there’s more to the story. 

Texas set off a chain of events when they held a secret meeting with the PAC-10 about a move to the conference.  Part of this move was to bring along the Texas schools: A&M, Baylor, and Tech.  The Pac-10 balked at including Baylor because it was a religious school and Tech for academic reasons. Then word got out about this move and that set the chain of events in motion. 

Stank-0 is saying the Big XII is dead because Don Beebe made some promises that can’t be kept.

  • He would get more money when the Big XII’s contract comes up for renewal in 2012.  He’s had since at least 2001 to get a better deal. 
  • The rest of the conference made a promise to cover any deficit if the Texas contingent did not make $20M.

The other long term problem is that Texas has moved forward with its proposal of a Texas television channel.  That was part of the very problem from the beginning.

Stank-0 said it once and he’ll say it again.  The only part of the Big XII that Stank-0 will miss is the KU-MU rivalry. It is the longest continuous rivalry west of the Mississippi.

The next post will be about the potential moves that are in the air. Surprisingly one of those moves involves Stank-0’s alma mater, KU.

 The person in question this time is no other than Cam Newton, the front runner and presumptive Heisman trophy winner. 

The word is that a man claiming to represent Newton said money had to exchange hands for Newton to consider their school, Mississippi State.  Stank-0 won’t bore you with the particulars.  The “request” was passed up the food chain to the athletic director (AD), Greg Byrne, and that’s as much as is known. 

This has to worry the Heisman group mainly because they just went through this with Reggie Bush just two months ago.  The NCAA must be concerned as well, unfortunately they’ve tied their own hands here.

The problem is that the NCAA refuses to acknowledge that collegiate athletics (namely football and basketball) is big business.  You are talking about young men on the verge of becoming multimillionaires overnight.  The prospect of landing one of these young men as a client is worth the risk for an agent or an athletic program.  One of these highly touted young men could take your team to the promised land or to a national title. 

They are not the same.  The promised land is the point when your school/program is the place everyone wants to play.  That usually results in a national title which makes your school/program the place everyone wants to play…a positive feedback loop ensues. Coaches get new salaries, new facilities, new perks.  Schools get new facilities, more money from boosters, more primetime games, and more money in general. The “student”-athletes get more exposure (read: TV time) which can raise their draft stock (read: they can make more money). 

The NCAA obviously doesn’t take this serious because they have a grand total of 8 investigators.  As in more than 7 and less than 9 to cover collegiate sports. What exactly are they expected to find? 

Shout out to Music Snob for the heads up

The 2010 Curse of #1

Posted: October 26, 2010 in college football

Stank-0 remembers this very same thing, in 2007.  That was the year when everyone, everyone’s mama, aunty, grammy, the neighbor’s dog, the postman, and the trashman got a chance to be number one in the country.  This year won’t be quite on that level but there is a strong chance that Oregon will become the new #1 and then lose to a very tough USC team.

In consecutive weeks Alabama (the consensus best team in college football), Ohio State (the widely regarded second best team in college football), and Oklahoma have all received the cursed bulls-eye that being #1 brings.

Actually Stank-0 stands corrected, somehow Auburn vaulted from #4 to #1 in the BCS. Stank-0 thinks it will be good so that we won’t have another #1 falling the week that they ascend to the top spot.

Auburn still have the rest of a tough SEC schedule to get through and Stank-0 thinks they still have Alabama to play as well. There’s a definite possibility that Michigan State could vault to the #1 spot and Boise St and TCU could move to #2 and #3, respectively.

My only request regarding the national championship is please don’t send a Big 10(11) team.  They haven’t fared very well. 

Stank-0 is still pulling for a non- AQ to crash the party.  The only way we can improve this system is through reform.  The powers that be have shown no interest in reform, so the system must be scrapped and replaced.