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Big XII: Endgame

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Big 10, Big East, Big XII

Well things have taken quite a turn haven’t they? Baylor is threatening A&M with legal action to block the inevitable departure to the SEC. This feels like a stalling tactic so Baylor can get some time to figure out their next move.

Meanwhile, OU (and by default O-State) are re-kindling talks with the Pac-12 about possible admission. This has gotten the rest of the Big XII very spooked indeed. A&M’s departure can be withstood because SMU is waiting in the wings.  If the Oklahoma schools go it’s over.

The Big East is keeping a keen eye on developments. Rumor has it they will offer invitations in this order: Mizzou, KU, K-State. It increases the Big East’s total members but more importantly it increases the number of football schools as well. The Big East may not have to worry about poaching from other schools if they take the “heart” of the Big XII.

What will likely happen is the Pac-12 and SEC will fight for Texas (and maybe Texas Tech).  That leaves Baylor and Iowa State out in the cold. Baylor would have the toughest time being a small religious school. Iowa State fits in with the Big 10 culturally but they don’t have a great academic nor football pedigree.

For the Big XII to have any chance of survival the Oklahoma schools have to stay. Stank-0 is not nearly as worried as before because Mizzou and KU, eternal rivals, would be relocating to the same conference.

Map detailing the locations of the schools of ...

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Since Stank-0 already stated that the Big XII is a dead man walking, that leaves a question.  What’s next?

Well according to my source, for some very odd reason A&M has taken a liking to KU.  If A&M is moving to a new conference, they want to bring along KU.  What this source can’t possibly know (because he’s a Texan) is that the Kansas legislature has bound KU and K-State together. KU cannot go and leave K-State in the cold.  Stank-0 doesn’t not want to cause too much trouble by mentioning the conference by name.

As we all knew during the alleged conference dismemberment, the Big 10(11) had its eyes on Texas as well as A&M, and was willing to make a formal offer to join. That offer will still likely be on the table because the Big 10(11) wants access to the Texas markets.

Stank-0 can imagine that the Pac-10(12) will likely make another run at some members of the Big XII South again. All they will need is 4 to reach a 16 member conference. Then they can create two 8-member divisions.

The problem with the Big XII is that they let their window of opportunity pass.  With the loss of Colorado and Nebraska, the Big XII neglected to expand specifically into the Colorado to cover the loss of the Denver market.  They could have easily recovered the Denver market by adding two schools from Colorado.  The window is closing especially in the geographic area with the Pac-10(12) and Big 10(12) expanding into Big XII country.

Expansion is still possible.  The conference can re-capture the Denver market by adding Air Force.  The longer stretch is extending the offer to BYU, who recently became an independent.  It would allow BYU to become an AQ school again and it would allow Air Force to move into a better conference.

Commish Beebe, the clock is ticking.  If you don’t do something the conference will fall apart.

Where to from here

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Big 10, Big XII

As Stank-0 stated yesterday, the Big XII is in serious danger.  Nebraska will leave the Big XII for the Big 10(11) according to various reports.  The official announcement is this Friday.  Texas, A&M, Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, and Colorado all seem to be Pac-10 bound.  That leaves Baylor, Kansas, K-State, and Iowa State to pick up the pieces.  Mizzou will likely be invited to join the Big 10(11) as well.  Let’s examine all the scenarios.

Where do the forgotten four go to?  ESPN is of the opinion that they will join the Mountain West Conference, MWC.  It is home to Air Force, Brigham Young, Colorado State, New Mexico, San Diego State, UNLV, Utah, and Wyoming.  If the forgotten four should join, from a football standpoint, MWC doesn’t gain that much.  K-State is the best football program and they have fallen on extremely hard times.  As far as basketball, they get Kansas and an on-the-rise Baylor program.  K-State is on the uptick and Iowa State is a work in progress.  The other sports you say?  They don’t matter because they do not GENERATE revenue.

The Pac-10 gets some instant football credibility.  It’s no longer just USC beating up on everyone.  They will have to contend with Texas year in and out.  They’ll likely play each other every other year.  The Pac-10 will likely create a conference championship and a TV network.  That’s heavy cheese, dear readers.   

If the Big XII can keep Texas they can save the Big XII.  That’s the long and short of it. Then they will have to replace Nebraska and likely Mizzou.  In that case, Colorado State should be at the top of the list of invitees.  It creates a natural instant rivalry with Colorado.  The other spot?  Not so sure.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the Big XII, 1996-2010.

The end of the Big XII

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Big XII
This is no more!

According newspapers in the Cornhusker State, Nebraska will leave the Big XII.  Nebraska AD Tom Osborne stated that Nebraska will NOT leave the Big XII without an invitation from the Big 10(11).  That invitation should be arriving in 4,3,2,1…

This effectively spells the end of the Big XII.  The South division will more or less leave for the Pac-10.  Iowa State and Colorado will likely get invitations to join the Big 10(11).  Colorado or Baylor, Kansas and Kansas State will be left in the cold.

Stank-0 will not rail on the transformation of collegiate athletics into a money printing machine.  My blog compadre Ed did so already.  Stank-0 just feels resignation, really.  This beautiful Midwestern conference will just die on the vine.  Rather it will be picked over.  Then spit on.  Then left to rot and finally run over while a new freeway is built.

Let Stank-0 dispel the karma thought process.  Stank-0 spoke with an A&M alum and the Southwest Conference was collapsing prior to the Big 8 grabbing the Texas contingent.  In his words: 

Southwest collapsed because A&M, Texas, and Arkansas were leaving…or tried to.

We the fans may never know the real reason the Texas schools are thinking of leaving, but we have an idea.  C.R.E.A.M. for the Wu-conscious.  It’s kinda surprising really.  The University of Texas is one of the largest revenue producers in collegiate athletics, but there’s always room for cake.

Where to for those left in the cold?  MWC, WAC, or Conference USA. Kansas basketball will raise the profile of whatever conference KU decides to join, immediately. Stank-0 would beg AD Perkins to join Conference USA.  It’s bigger and has better competition (ie Memphis, Louisville).

Hopefully the Pac 10(16) will raise the travel budget for the member schools because travelling from Pullman, Washington to Lubbock, Texas is gonna be tiring and expensive.

This is more than the end of the Big XII.  It is now a free for all.  Expect the Big 10(11) to make a play for a Big East school and vice versa.  Expect the SEC to make a play at a few southern ACC schools (ie Clemson, Miami, Georgia Tech).  Then the mid majors will feast on each other and the power conferences will make plays at some mid majors.  Notre Dame will finally join with the Big 10(11) or get left out in the cold permanently. 

Not to get draped up in hyperbole, but when this is all said and done we may not even recognize any of the mega conferences that emerge. When Stank-0 agreed to become a fan of collegiate athletics, this was not what he signed up for.  Next time, Stank-0 will read the fine print.


Posted: February 23, 2010 in Big XII, college basketball, KU


(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

With #1 Kansasvictory tonight over OU, they have earned at least a share of their 6th straight Big XII regular season title.  With their record at 27-1, they are about to enter into some rare company.  At least record-wise, this team has to be considered among one of the best in KU’s history, and still have games to play.  Now Stank-0 doesn’t believe in hyberbole especially in February, but this team has a chance to be very special. 

As big of a fan of Sherron Collins that Stank-0 is, Xavier Henry is that dude.  Freshman and straight hoopin!  It’s so sad that it’s a very real possibility that he will declare after this season, but that’s a whole ‘nother post right there.

Stank-0 would appreciate a few more trap games to get them prepared for the Big XII tourney and of course the Dance. KU is a 1 seed in the Midwest bracket. LOCK IT UP!

Is KU ready to dance or not?  The floor is yours.

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In your own house!

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Big XII, college basketball, dunk

As you know, Stank-0 detests K-State and to a greater extent, Mizzou.  With said enjoy this young Aggies frosh Ray Turner banging out on a Mizzou defender.

h/t Aunuwyn

Thus far the game of the Big XII (what you thought Stank-0 would cover the Big East?) has been Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Mike Singletary? Really, son! Twenty-nine straight. He eventually hit for a George W. Bush.

Stank-0 was watchin with an A&M alum, and he commented that the Aggies weren’t playing like themselves. Stank-0 saw they were handling the Red Raiders, and asked, “What’s the problem you’re up.” As Stank-0 and his Aggie co-hort were departing from the ESPN Zone, Singletary had started to get hot. Seeing that A&M was up 12, Stank-0 thought Tech might be slowly awakening.

Arriving at our light rail stop, the alum got a txt. Tech was up! WHAT!? We both assumed that Jake Voskuhl had gotten hot (like he did against KU…for 45.) When we saw Sportscenter the alum was definitely not pleased. He’s not sweatin it because A&M is dancing.

Today KU draws Baylor, the Bedlam series runs it back, Mizzou vs. Tech, and K-State and the Longhorns go at it.


It just feels so good

Posted: March 8, 2009 in Big XII, KU
AP Photo/Orlin Wagner

The Jayhawks have claimed another regular season Big XII title, via an assist from Texas A&M.  That good readers is 5 in a row.  Maybe they should rename the title the Jayhawk trophy. 
Texas is 0-9 at the Fieldhouse, but they usually play Kansas pretty tough and this game was no exception. 

Kansas and Texas have had some memorable games in recent years, most of those tight, high-scoring shootouts with high stakes. 

This one was no different.

Trading shots like it was a game of H-O-R-S-E, the Jayhawks and Longhorns combined to shoot 15-of-28 over the first 10 minutes, changing leads eight times.

Stank-0 is trying to rank the titles, and this one is up there because this was supposed to be a rebuilding year.  Even Stank-0 doubted the Hawks.  The best title has to be when KU went 16-0 in the Big XII.  That was a magical ride. 

Now we want OU.  Bring on B Griff.  KU needs to face OU for the tournament title.  ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KUUUU!

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He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Posted: March 1, 2009 in Big XII, NCAA, OU

B Griff is back and diving over announcer’s tables he’s so happy to be back.

Some examples:
He went airborne sideways to chase down that loose ball, flying over the scorer’s table near the Red Raiders’ bench to try to shovel the ball back into play.

He was unsuccessful, but bounced up a couple of seconds later to a round of applause from Texas Tech fans.

Now the Big XII tourney gets very interesting. KU vs. OU for the title! BEWARE THE PHOG!

Driver seat!

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Big XII, KU, OU
Cole Alrich & Willie Warren US Presswire

That’s exactly where KU is right now, after taking down OU.  Stank-0 is actually NOT happy about this game.  Stank-0 is unhappy because KU did not get OU at full strength.  The young guns need to tighten up on D.  They were gettin wet up from range. 

How clutch is Collins?  He was shootin from Tishomingo he was so far out.  Big XII Big Monday games are always good.   

The only thing left is to put the deathlock on Mizzou at the Field House.  BEWARE THE PHOG! 

Stank-0 would never wish a player to get hurt and hopes that Griff gets better soon. 

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