Mishmash from Week 1 of the Preseason

Posted: August 14, 2012 in MNF, NFL

The Cowboys @ Raiders MNF game was a stinker. That was difficult to watch. We didn’t learn anything of value about the Cowboys nor the Raiders offense.  I did see a trend. 

Any fantasy football readers, I implore to pick up D-Mac. The Raiders are gonna lean on him alot this season. He had a screen play and some good runs.  I thought they would keep feeding him because the Cowboys weren’t stopping him, but they went deep to Jacoby Ford, unfortunately.  Barring significant injury, he is poised to have a monster year.

I’m up in the air about Chad Johnson‘s future. He might have to sit out this season because right now he’s radioactive.  I’m unsure whether he can come back next season.  Unless some top of the line receivers blow out their ACLs, you won’t see Johnson on the field this season.  It’s sad actually because the Dolphins are extremely thin at receiver right now. I could go to a tryout and make the Dolphins team as wideout at this point, and I’m the height of the average NFL corner.

Once again these replacement refs have to go. They are either blowing some fairly easy calls or they are making the wrong call, Deadspin had a good post about it. During the first quarter, when Ford dropped two straight, the second pass should have been negated by defensive holding.  In the replay, you saw the Cowboys corner with a handful of jersey and they were waaaay past the 5 yard mark.

I’m not impressed by Andrew Luck’s performance because it was against the Rams. I’m sorry but when you can dump off and get a 62 yard TD, you are not playing against a very good defense. These games don’t count, coaches are trying to see who is going to make the 53 man roster.  I’m withholding praise or scorn until at least midway through the season.  I feel sorry for these rookie QBs, Cam Newton raised the bar.

Speaking of the Panthers, I think Luke Kuechly is the darkhorse for defensive ROY. He just made plays.

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