2012 NFL season

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Finally football is back. How I missed it. It seems like my life is divided into when football is on and when it’s not. We finally have a few games under our belts. Kinks are being worked out (esp for the refs man they are turrible). I watched the Hall of Fame game last Sunday through the slate of games yesterday and I have some thoughts.

Wash vs. Buf

The RG3 era will be defined by screen passes, I guess. Looks alot like the Baylor offense he ran. Guess it’s just me. It’s too early to get excited in any event. I’ll look back at the end of the season.

Bal vs ATL

The Ravens seemed to be in a haze. Flacco can’t win. Take one step forward (AFC Championship Game where he outplayed Brady) two steps back (lookin like week old doo doo in their first preseason game)  I think Torrie Smith is gonna have a monster year, just from observing how the offense utilized him.

The Ravens defense already misses T-Sizzle, already!

Matt Ryan was characteristicall sharp, not that it matters.  Ryan has to step in the playoffs.  He’s already starting to look a little McGrady-ish right now.

Den vs. Chi

The Manning era in Denver has started!  Peyton looked sharp. He has some timing issues with receivers but he looked like he never left. He checked down and audibled and the line and the skill players knew the changes.

Kickoff Thursday is coming! GET HYPE!

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