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Braves @ Nationals

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
English: Nationals Game.

English: Nationals Game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was able to attend the first game of the three games series thanks to my fiance scoring some tickets from work. We were in Section 313, nosebleed seats. Before going we had to acquire proper Nats gear. Done.

We got there late but the game was rain delayed so we got there just as the national anthem was ending. We made our way to Section 313 and were seated.  Jordan Zimmerman was on the mound and he got touched up early in the first.  It was 4-0 before we could get seated proper-like. Then the Nats were up. Jason Werth got on with a single and Bryce Harper doubled.  A few batters later a homer cleared the bases and it was 4 tight.  Section 313 had a cheer which is borrowed liberally from the JETS.

We left in the bottom of the 8th and didn’t learn the result until this morning. The Nats won in walk off fashion in the 13th!

Next up is sensation Strasburg in the 2nd game of the series.

Houston Texans head coach, Gary Kubiak at a ga...

Houston Texans head coach, Gary Kubiak at a game against the Indianapolis Colts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got to this nugget while thinking about the Redskins inability to keep RG3 upright against the Bears last Saturday.  Washington area fans expect soooo much from Mike Shananhan because of his days in Denver. We’ve been giving the wrong person credit for his Denver success. 

I can hear you saying but he had a great running game and a good quarterback, and I see it differently.  He was blessed to have a very motivated John Elway and his scouting department found a gem in Terrell Davis.  Again the credit doesn’t go to Shananhan.  You ready for it.

The man who was the genius behind the zone blocking scheme that made Broncos’ backs regular 1000 runners is none other than Gary Kubiak, current head coach of the Houston Texans.  Per wikipedia.

In 11 seasons (1995–2005) as the team’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Kubiak helped lead Denver to two Super Bowl titles.

In his 11 seasons with the team, the Broncos amassed 66,501 total yards and 465 touchdowns, the most in the NFL during that span. He coached 14 different Broncos that made the Pro Bowl, including running back Terrell Davis, who was named the NFL MVP in 1998.

Think about it for a second, the Texans offense has been moderate to great since Kubiak has been on the team.  If Mike Martz is an offensive genius then Kubiak must be a prodigy. Everywhere he goes the offense gets better. He plucked Matt Schaub from ATL and helped nurture him into a perennial Pro Bowler, and I’m sure we all know aobut a certain back named Arian Foster.

Getting back to the dilemma in DC, we can’t expect offensive wizardry from Shan, especially with his son running the offense, it’s never been in his DNA.  I’m not entirely sure what skills Shan even has. I’m not throwing shade just saying. What in Shan’s career can he hang his hat on?

Well if Shan doesn’t have an offensive philosophy then RG3-is-the-savior meme may be short lived.

The DC area is caught up right now in Nats fever.  It’s all anyone talks about. The Nats are legit and they are likely going to the playoffs.  The bigger question right now is about phenom Stephen Strasburg and his pitch count. His limit was set at 160 before the season began. No one really expected this type of season so it was just an abstract notion.  As he gets nearer to the magical number, it’s not just an exercise anymore.

Shutting him down, will remove their ace from the rotation.  I’m not a huge MLB fan nor am I a Nats fan, but this is a good thing to think about.  Protect the player for 5-7 years down the road or keep him going for right now. The NL has never been more wide open for the Nationals to make a deep run.

So dear reader(s), what say you?

Mishmash from Week 1 of the Preseason

Posted: August 14, 2012 in MNF, NFL

The Cowboys @ Raiders MNF game was a stinker. That was difficult to watch. We didn’t learn anything of value about the Cowboys nor the Raiders offense.  I did see a trend. 

Any fantasy football readers, I implore to pick up D-Mac. The Raiders are gonna lean on him alot this season. He had a screen play and some good runs.  I thought they would keep feeding him because the Cowboys weren’t stopping him, but they went deep to Jacoby Ford, unfortunately.  Barring significant injury, he is poised to have a monster year.

I’m up in the air about Chad Johnson‘s future. He might have to sit out this season because right now he’s radioactive.  I’m unsure whether he can come back next season.  Unless some top of the line receivers blow out their ACLs, you won’t see Johnson on the field this season.  It’s sad actually because the Dolphins are extremely thin at receiver right now. I could go to a tryout and make the Dolphins team as wideout at this point, and I’m the height of the average NFL corner.

Once again these replacement refs have to go. They are either blowing some fairly easy calls or they are making the wrong call, Deadspin had a good post about it. During the first quarter, when Ford dropped two straight, the second pass should have been negated by defensive holding.  In the replay, you saw the Cowboys corner with a handful of jersey and they were waaaay past the 5 yard mark.

I’m not impressed by Andrew Luck’s performance because it was against the Rams. I’m sorry but when you can dump off and get a 62 yard TD, you are not playing against a very good defense. These games don’t count, coaches are trying to see who is going to make the 53 man roster.  I’m withholding praise or scorn until at least midway through the season.  I feel sorry for these rookie QBs, Cam Newton raised the bar.

Speaking of the Panthers, I think Luke Kuechly is the darkhorse for defensive ROY. He just made plays.

2012 NFL season

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Finally football is back. How I missed it. It seems like my life is divided into when football is on and when it’s not. We finally have a few games under our belts. Kinks are being worked out (esp for the refs man they are turrible). I watched the Hall of Fame game last Sunday through the slate of games yesterday and I have some thoughts.

Wash vs. Buf

The RG3 era will be defined by screen passes, I guess. Looks alot like the Baylor offense he ran. Guess it’s just me. It’s too early to get excited in any event. I’ll look back at the end of the season.

Bal vs ATL

The Ravens seemed to be in a haze. Flacco can’t win. Take one step forward (AFC Championship Game where he outplayed Brady) two steps back (lookin like week old doo doo in their first preseason game)  I think Torrie Smith is gonna have a monster year, just from observing how the offense utilized him.

The Ravens defense already misses T-Sizzle, already!

Matt Ryan was characteristicall sharp, not that it matters.  Ryan has to step in the playoffs.  He’s already starting to look a little McGrady-ish right now.

Den vs. Chi

The Manning era in Denver has started!  Peyton looked sharp. He has some timing issues with receivers but he looked like he never left. He checked down and audibled and the line and the skill players knew the changes.

Kickoff Thursday is coming! GET HYPE!


I heard that Dwayne Bowe, KC’s Pro Bowl wideout, is holding out.  (You know from my bio that I’m a Chiefs fan, this is a matter of grave importance.) I agree with players holding out, I’m just concerned it will affect the team’s performance.  This player is pivotal to the Chiefs offense efficiency. I certainly hope that Pioli, Cronnel, and Bowe’s agent can get a deal hammered out so Bowe can get back on the practice field. The AFC West is wide open and I would hate to see the season upended before it even began. 

I’m worried the Chiefs could lose Bowe as an unrestricted free agent.  That would truly set the offense (and the team) back.  It won’t get any easier.  Charles, Moeaki, Hali, and Johnson’s deals will come up pretty soon as well.


The NFL lockout no one is talkin about

Posted: August 1, 2012 in NFL

This isn’t on ESPN day after day.  There are no daily Day #XX updates and what’s the latest in the murky legalistic language surrounding the deadlock and the implications for us the fans but make no mistake this lockout is as important as the last one.  I’m referring to the NFL refs lockout. This group of men have the next greatest impact on the game after the players themselves.

The league is prepared to offer 5 to 11% per official.  That sounds reasonable but I haven’t heard what the refs union is counterproposing. This lockout needs to end ASAP. Say no to replacement refs.