Power shift

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

In case you haven’t been paying attention, I think the NFL is about to undergo a power shift favoring the NFC.  Think about the past couple of Super Bowls, they have pitted an aging veteran team against a younger team (Packers v Steelers, Giants v Patriots) Think about the elite teams in the AFC, the Steelers, Ravens, and Patriots.  They are teams laden with aging veterans.  Now think about the teams on the rise in the NFL.  The Lions and Panthers come readily to mind, along with the Packers.  They are very young teams. 

After that AFC trio falls off, who in the AFC will rise up to take their place?  In the world of the bad today, great tomorrow NFL one can never be sure, but right now the signs point to the Texans and….who else?  In the AFC West, the Raiders and Chiefs are poised to make noise, AFC East the Bills have made the moves to be good.  AFC North the Bengals and Browns have put the pieces together but are at least 2-3 years away. In AFC South, it’s the Texans and they’ve shown they are ready.  Alot of teams are more than a few years away so the NFC could go on another Super Bowl winning streak.

Just my thoughts.

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