Big XII: Endgame

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Big 10, Big East, Big XII

Well things have taken quite a turn haven’t they? Baylor is threatening A&M with legal action to block the inevitable departure to the SEC. This feels like a stalling tactic so Baylor can get some time to figure out their next move.

Meanwhile, OU (and by default O-State) are re-kindling talks with the Pac-12 about possible admission. This has gotten the rest of the Big XII very spooked indeed. A&M’s departure can be withstood because SMU is waiting in the wings.  If the Oklahoma schools go it’s over.

The Big East is keeping a keen eye on developments. Rumor has it they will offer invitations in this order: Mizzou, KU, K-State. It increases the Big East’s total members but more importantly it increases the number of football schools as well. The Big East may not have to worry about poaching from other schools if they take the “heart” of the Big XII.

What will likely happen is the Pac-12 and SEC will fight for Texas (and maybe Texas Tech).  That leaves Baylor and Iowa State out in the cold. Baylor would have the toughest time being a small religious school. Iowa State fits in with the Big 10 culturally but they don’t have a great academic nor football pedigree.

For the Big XII to have any chance of survival the Oklahoma schools have to stay. Stank-0 is not nearly as worried as before because Mizzou and KU, eternal rivals, would be relocating to the same conference.

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