Death to the BCS: Review

Posted: August 29, 2011 in BCS, college football, sports opinion


Stank-0 bought this book as Barnes & Noble was crashing and burning in the DMV.  Not being totally finished but Stank-0 is in complete agreement.  The BCS is dial up in a 4G world.  The BCS champion is not even officially recognized by the NCAA! What the hell kinda BS is that!

A few tidbits from the book

  • The SEC Commish came up with the plus one idea: it was killed by the other commishes because they feared it would get too popular and fans would push for a playoff.
  • In sworn testimony in front of Congress, the BCS mouthpieces have inferred they are “charities” when tax filings show they donated less than .05% of their revenue.
  • The big 6 conferences (ACC, Pac-12, Big East, SEC, Big 10, Big XII)are actively poaching from each other and other smaller conferences.  As a result, the solidarity is eroding.
  • The vast majority of schools that go to bowl games lose money, and lots of it. The school is required to “purchase” thousands of dollars worth of tickets among other things.  Most of them never get sold and the athletic dept has to eat the cost.
  • A playoff could work, independent of the bowl games. It would also kill the bowl games that don’t draw viewers or make money. It could start at the end of the season and be finished in time for the bowl games to begin.

After reading it, Stank-0 is seriously contemplating not watching bowl games. The BCS doesn’t listen to anything but dollar signs.  The money is from people watching. Stank-0 is just one man, but it has to start somewhere.

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