Devil’s Advocate: Why CJ should go to the Raiders?

Posted: August 25, 2011 in NFL, sports opinion

This rumor has been swirling for a little bit, and surprisingly Stank-0 thinks it’s a good move.  Considering the Titans are in low-key rebuilding mode.  They are starting the post-VY era, they drafted a lesser version of VY with Jake Locker.  Why not go the whole hog and deal CJ while there’s still value in him.  Jake Locker is not likely to turn into Sam Bradford (read: throw him in the deep end and he actually swims) or that would be my same advice for the Rams.  The Titans are in a tougher division and tougher conference.  He who hesitates is lost.  Let him go!

The Raiders may be on the upswing.  With D-Mac, Hey-Bey impersonating a WR, and Campbell as the stopgap while Pryor learns the offense. Imagine a two-headed running attack of D-Mac and CJ.  Hey-Bey could finally get open with that kind of playaction.

Everyone wins in this scenario. CJ will likely get his money, the Titans get rid of the headache, and the Raiders get another high quality offensive player.

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