Big XII: lost and gain

Posted: August 25, 2011 in college football


The word is that A&M will formally notify the Big XII commish Don Beebe they are going to “explore” other options (read: leave the conference officially and join the SEC).  It’s sad but not shocking.  A&M tried to woo the SEC into inviting them while they were part of the Big XII and the SEC said not until you leave the Big XII.  So A&M is doing just that.

That brings the Big XII down to 10 right now, which is why the next story is very important.  SMU (yes that SMU of the death penalty fame) is actively looking to join the Big XII. SMU’s football program has been an afterthought since the death penalty but they would bring the Big XII back up to 10 member schools. They may or may not bring some of the Dallas media market considering there are already 3 other Texas schools.

The Big XII whiffed royally by not extending an invitation to TCU. Yes it would have been another Texas school but it would have been a school who’s star is clearly on the rise.

  1. […] the rest of the Big XII very spooked indeed. A&M’s departure can be withstood because SMU is waiting in the wings.  If the Oklahoma schools go it’s […]

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