The return of football: Pre-season week 1

Posted: August 15, 2011 in NFL

After the initial glow of watching football faded (roughly after the starters were pulled in the Eagles @ Ravens game) it was time to see what could be learned from all the football.  Thankfully the NFL Network showed pretty much every game as well. Which was a colossal waste of time.  ESPN showed the important highlights.

Stank-0 is just glad they are playing football again.  Stank-0 will also go on record and put an asterisk on this season.  There will be sloppy play and lots of injuries.  Hopefully Stank-0 is wrong as two left shoes, but how can there not be helter skelter play this season? Rookies had training camp for 2 weeks. You know how much you can learn in two weeks? Nothing!

The Eagles will be must-see TV every week.  If they don’t have prime-time games for better than 70% of the season, then some TV execs need to be horse whipped and fired. You’ll need a separate cam for about 5-7 different people on the PHI sidelines this season.

Stank-0 will say this now and avoid the problems later.  In 3 years, Cam Newton will be leaps and bounds ahead of Tim Tebow.  Cam looked like he worked on his throwing mechanics the day after he won the national title.

NFC North and South as well as the AFC South will be murderous this  season.  Each of the aforementioned has three legit playoff teams in the division.

Stank-0 will attempt to blog more and more regularly.  Stick with me. Trying to build a team of writers in case Stank-0 can’t get in front of a computer.

Aside: Stank-0’s gf is a die-hard Panthers fan so occasionally Stank-0 will post her quotables from a game we watch together. On Julius Peppers:

“He’s a raggedy ba*tard! He made 1.6M per game his last season in Carolina and didn’t earn a penny of it.  If he wanted to leave he should have just said so.  At least he didn’t go to New England.”

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