NFL Safety rules

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

The NFL has laid down some new player safety rules. Stank-0 isn’t pleased for a few reasons.  Here are some the new rules on hitting.

Defenseless players cannot be hit in the head or neck area with the helmet, face mask, forearm or shoulder. The definition of such players now includes those throwing a pass; attempting or completing a catch without having time to ward off or avoid contact; a runner whose forward progress has been stopped by a tackler; kickoff or punt returners while the ball is in the air; kickers or punters during a kick or a return; a quarterback during a change of possession; a player who receives a blindside block from a blocker moving toward his own end zone.

Goodness that’s alot of things that defensive players CAN’T do.  Nothing much is said about what CAN be done.

It also seems that this is swinging the pendulum too far in favor of the offense.  Stank-0 understands that the NFL is trying to capitalize on the game’s popularity but be careful about fixing something that isn’t broken.

As far as defenseless receivers, possession shouldn’t be a condition, only the ability to avoid contact (in essence two feet on the ground).  Now this all sounds great in theory, but in practice these plays happen in real-time at split second intervals.  They have been conditioned to react instinctively.

Any lasting change will have to start at the youth level and work its way to the NFL.

Stank-0 is worried that the NFL waits for the pundits to weigh in on a hit before they decide if a fine should be levied.  That is fixed with clear guidelines about what a legal hit is.

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