The fall of Fiesta?

Posted: March 29, 2011 in college football, sports opinion

According to this article, John Junker, CEO of the Fiesta Bowl is in some hot water. 

John Junker became the executive director of the Fiesta Bowl in 1990 and was named the president and chief executive officer in 2000.

The IRS is looking into some of his goings on. It boils down to financial irregularities.  The takeaway is that the Fiesta Bowl could be dropped from the BCS rotation and the leading candidate to replace them? The Cotton Bowl and the $1.2B dollar stadium down the way in Arlington, TX.  Which just happens to be owned by none other than Jerry Jones.

There were independent investigations and more investigations.  It was all a very sorbid affair, read the story.

The Fiesta Bowl cannot be punished until after this current contract expires, in 3 years. You have to imagine that everyone involved with Fiesta will be under intense scrutiny.

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