ESPN Townhall

Posted: January 14, 2011 in sports opinion

This was quite enlightening.  Michael Wilbon dropped some serious knowledge for everyone out there.  Wilbon is sports journalism’ elder statesmen. PTI is better for having him be the yin to Kornheiser’s yang.

So instead of letting the talk die, Stank-0 will work on some solutions.

The Rooney Rule was talked about heavily.  It can bear some adjustments, so here are mine.

  • If the team is looking at an in-house candidate, then do not make the Rooney Rule mandatory.
  • Extend the Rooney to the front office.
  • If there is credible information about a team looking to hire a candidate without satisfying Rooney, then there should be consequences.  Maybe financial, maybe forbid that team from hiring the candidate they wanted to.
  • If a candidate is brought in solely to satisfy Rooney, then guarantee him a position on a head coaching staff at an equivalent or higher position.

That’s all for now.

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