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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In a game that was billed as an offensive shootout, we were treated to some stand up defense, especially by Auburn.  Each offense was a little jittery to start the game.  It’s easier for a defense to get on track after a 37 day layoff.  Then each side settled down and played football.  The Auburn offense mirrored the Oregon offense with the zone read running plays.  Dyer should be the MVP of the game.  He gashed the Oregon defense for chunks of yardage.  The high point of the game was undoubtedly the 2nd Q.  It was action packed.

Auburn defensive lineman Fairly just made himself very rich in the NFL Draft.  His stock is through the stratosphere right now.  He was the defensive disruptor in the title game.

The Oregon offense had one drive (in the 3rd quarter) hat looked Oregon-like but that defensive line stood tall and it stalled.  The problem for Oregon now is that teams are gonna emulate what Auburn and Cal did and the Blur offense may be over as we know it.

It makes perfect sense.  A high octane offense requires an unharried QB and RB to operate.  Oregon did not have that, ever.

This is also the SEC (undeniably the best football conference) with its 5th straight national title.  It might be wise to call it the SEC trophy at this point.  The SEC’s strength is the power and speed of their defense, especially the line.

To tie this all off, what happens with Cam, does he stay or go? It’s also unfortunate that Cecil Newton couldn’t be at the game.  He didn’t want to draw attention from his son.


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