Some surprising news out of Oakland

Posted: January 9, 2011 in NFL, offseason 

It seems that all world corner, Nnamdi Asomugha, is about to hit the free agent market.  Coach Ryan, here’s your best chance to have a real-life fantasy corner duo.  Dump Cromartie (who tends to struggle in anything but straight bump-and-run man to man) and get the best corner in football and pair him with the 2nd best corner in football.

Al Davis loves Asomugha so there’s still a chance he may re-sign him, however, it won’t be cheap.  Or maybe it will with the labor unrest. 

Imagine Asomugha and Revis on the same team.  Scary isn’t it?  Slot receivers and athletic TEs would put up hellacious numbers on the Jets because the wide outs would be blanketed.  The only time the QB would look at them is in the huddle.

They even added fuel to the fire in last year’s Pro Bowl by talkin about wanting to play on the same team.  This may be that opportunity.

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