How does the Luck decision affect Harbaugh?

Posted: January 6, 2011 in college football, NFL, offseason, sports opinion
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Andrew Luck's Panther Jersey

Image by zzazazz via Flickr

The biggest story right now is Andrew Luck deciding to remain at Stanford.  It makes perfect sense.  The NFL is staring a lockout in the face.  It will affect draftees, free agents, etc.  If you are a kid with a year to wait, why not stay in school?  Luck isn’t in a financial bind that he needs to declare.  His father played in the NFL and the money situation is fine.

Stank-0 is worried that Luck will be the latest victim of Brohm-itis. Hopefully, he will not be injured during his senior season and the NFL will settle its labor disagreement so that if there is a work stoppage by 2011, football will be back on the following season.

Will Harbaugh remain at Stanford since he will have his QB for one more year?  Unfortunately, his stock will never be higher than it is now (Luck as well).  It makes the most sense to strike while the iron is hot.  All the available jobs have some degree of apprehension attached to them.  The team with the most in the cupboard has been spoken for (supposedly) by Bill Cowher.

The twitterverse is reporting that Harbaugh is SoBe-bound.  His salary may be in the range from $7 to 8 M.  If MIA passes, there will be a line around the block for a chance at Jim Harbaugh.

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