Life after the end of the Big XII

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Big 10, Big XII, conference expansion, Pac-10
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Since Stank-0 already stated that the Big XII is a dead man walking, that leaves a question.  What’s next?

Well according to my source, for some very odd reason A&M has taken a liking to KU.  If A&M is moving to a new conference, they want to bring along KU.  What this source can’t possibly know (because he’s a Texan) is that the Kansas legislature has bound KU and K-State together. KU cannot go and leave K-State in the cold.  Stank-0 doesn’t not want to cause too much trouble by mentioning the conference by name.

As we all knew during the alleged conference dismemberment, the Big 10(11) had its eyes on Texas as well as A&M, and was willing to make a formal offer to join. That offer will still likely be on the table because the Big 10(11) wants access to the Texas markets.

Stank-0 can imagine that the Pac-10(12) will likely make another run at some members of the Big XII South again. All they will need is 4 to reach a 16 member conference. Then they can create two 8-member divisions.

The problem with the Big XII is that they let their window of opportunity pass.  With the loss of Colorado and Nebraska, the Big XII neglected to expand specifically into the Colorado to cover the loss of the Denver market.  They could have easily recovered the Denver market by adding two schools from Colorado.  The window is closing especially in the geographic area with the Pac-10(12) and Big 10(12) expanding into Big XII country.

Expansion is still possible.  The conference can re-capture the Denver market by adding Air Force.  The longer stretch is extending the offer to BYU, who recently became an independent.  It would allow BYU to become an AQ school again and it would allow Air Force to move into a better conference.

Commish Beebe, the clock is ticking.  If you don’t do something the conference will fall apart.

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