Week 13: Divisions in the balance

Posted: December 6, 2010 in NFL

We are entering the most wonderful time of year.  No not because of Christmas because the divisions are slowly being locked up as we speak.

Think on this:  The Jags and the Chiefs are each leading their respective divisions with some breathing room. Jax has been helped by the fact that Peyton is playing with 3rd string practice players at skill positions right now.  KC took advantage of SD’s annual slow start and then sent thank you texts to the Oakland Raiders for kickin the Chargahs’ tails in their own house!  That sets up the Chiefs @ Chargers game next Sunday quite nicely.  A KC dub (W) and it’s all over but the cryin!

(AP Photo/Rob Carr) 

The AFC North is in a dead heat with the Steelers upending the Ravens last night in the late game.  The season series is now 1 game a piece. Someone on le twitter said it best Pitt-Bmore play the most exciting 13-10 games in the league. Hear, hear!  The only game better than Ravens-Steelers is the one comin on tonight.

Is it just Stank-0 or do the Bengals find new and creative ways to lose week in and week out?  Carson Palmer let precious time (8 seconds) slip away with a timeout in his pocket in the final seconds of 4Q?  Really?  Last year, when they went undefeated in their division, they were the Cardiac Cats because they found ways to win. How did it all unravel so fast? ??? Can’t blame TO he’s ballin out there.

The NFC South (and home field throughout the playoffs) are the Falcons to lose. They came back on the Bucs and took a large step towards winning their division.  The aforementioned Saints’ W over the Bengals help them keep the Falcons in sight.

Monday Night is another game that could go towards deciding a division, the AFC East.  Gang green goes to Tom Terrific’s house and the winner has an 80% chance of taking the division.  How’s that for incentive?

Stank-0 would be remiss if he didn’t highlight the tremendous performance by one, Tarvaris Fox Jackson III.  He came in after Lorenzo got knocked out (literally! He was in obvious pain on the ground.) on a scramble.  He promptly tossed a INT that was taken the distance.  Then he calmed down and played a very good game.  Admittedly he just threw up some prayers that Rice answered, but he directed drives.  Let’s not underestimate the opponent.  The Bills are no slouch.  They’ve played tough in every game this season.

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