The dream is unfulfilled

Posted: December 5, 2010 in college football

Stank-0 has made no bones about the fact that he wanted Boise State or TCU to make it to the National Championship game. Unfortunately, that will not happen this year.

Oregon ran their wind sprint fast break offense in a win over in-state rival Oregon State. Stank-0 didn’t watch much of the game, but when he switched over to watch Oregon was up by double digits and never looked back. Their spot was assured. The only opening left for a non-AQ team to qualify would be for Auburn to stumble against South Carolina.

Stank-0 watched this game and it was amazing. Cam Newton is undeniably the best player in college football. Stank-0 has been trying to think of whom Newton compares to at this stage of his career. The closest comparison would be the late Steve “Air” McNair from his Alcorn State days.

Auburn (read: Newton) was simply too much for South Carolina.  Auburn laid a straight up beatdown. 

The SEC sends its fifth straight representative to the National Championship game.

Stank-0 doesn’t want TCU nor Boise State to feel down about their seasons.  What they accomplished will be talked about for years to come.  Both of these teams ran over, through, and around ranked teams throughout this season.

TCU took matters into their own hands and joined an AQ conference so if they can run the table again, then there’s a good chance that TCU will play for a title…next year.

Stank-0 will look at the national title matchup between Oregon and Auburn.

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