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It’s that time of year, Stank-0 is going to be out of town until the 4th.  If Stank-0 can find time, then he will post.

Stank-0 got a look at the Magic.  As the pundits have said, you don’t blow up a good team this far into the season.  It makes the Magic a very deep team, but you have to believe some players will be butthurt about not starting or losing minutes.  SVG, you have your work cut out for you.

They brought in Gilbert, Richardson, and Hedo.  For those keeping score, Hedo left town to get more money.  He went to T.O (Toronto) and had a throwaway season.  He eventually landed in PHX and looked to have found a home.

Suns owner Robert Sarver must think this is Monopoly because he keeps making deals.  He did add some size with the Polish Hammer, Marcin Gortat.


In breaking news, Larry Brown has stepped down as coach of the Bobcats.  This is surprising because Brown got the Bobcats into the playoffs just last season.  Guess expectations went through the roof.  Stank-0 hasn’t seen much of the Bobcats, not counting finding Sherron Collins.  That’s the extent of Bobcats’ basketball, that Stank-0 has observed.

Who does Chairman MJ go get to coach the Bobcats? Any suggestions? Better question, who wants the job?


Stank-0 was glad to see the culmination of Ken Burns10th inning.  It continued with everything that happened since the homer run chase of 98. Barry Bonds was prominent in this segment.  We were then taken on a trip to the Giants trip to the World Series where they ultimately fell to the Anaheim Angels.  You can’t lay that on Barry.  He hit 4 HRs, drew 13 walks (a World Series record)

It touched on Sept 11th and how baseball was used to bring people together again.  The Yankees made the World Series that year, only to fall in 7 games to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It showed the 2003 and 2004 playoffs between the Yankees and BoSox.  Stank-0 remembered watching Aaron Boone homer in the bottom of the 11th to end that series and propel the Yankees to the World Series. Yankee Stadium went apes**t.

The 2004 playoffs predictably took up alot of the documentary.  The BoSox came back down 3-0 to beat the hated Yankees and advanced to the World Series.  They swept whomever it was to win and break the curse.

Then we got the see how Ichiro made his way into the MLB.  He just may be the best hitter in my lifetime.  He broke the record for 200 hit seasons.

All in all, it was a satisfying end to the documentary.


Found this new commercial featuring Mike Vick from here.   The commercial is local (New Jersey).

Nike, are you listening?  Time for some MV7 commercials, and give the man some shoes.  The Vicks were some of the dopest joints out there.

Enough of Stank-0’s commentary, here is the commercial.

(AP Photo/Tom Gannam)

The Chiefs gave themselves some breathing room in the AFC West by defeating the Rams in the battle of the Show Me State.  Matt Cassel came back 11 days after appendix surgery to lead the Chiefs to a W.  He hit Bowe on a nice strike where Bowe tip toed the sideline.

It took about a half a quarter for the defense (read: Romeo Cronnell) to get a handle on what the Rams offense was doing.  After that, the defense clamped down.

KC now finishes the season with 2 home games.   They face the Titans and finish the season against the Raiders.

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The Raiders were the first team to face the Broncos moving into the Tebow era.  He ran and threw a TD.

On the other side, MacFadden did his thing.  He has over 1100 yards at this point in the season.  He has a realistic shot at 1500+ for the season.

The only team in the entire league that has clinched a playoff spot is the Patriots.  They have homefield throughout the playoffs.  The 2nd seed is still up for grabs.

The AFC North is still up for grabs at this point.  The Ravens made a case for that seed after their win over the Saints.  It was the Ray Rice show for the Ravens.

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

The Steelers lost so they and the Ravens are now 10-4.  They split the season series 1-1.  It will come down to the final 2 games for each team.  The Jets finally broke their 11 quarter scoring drought and eventually won the game.

The AFC South is still in limbo as well, with the Colts winning over the Jags.  Now they both stand at 8-6.

Moving over to the other conference, it looks like no one wants to win the NFC West.  The Rams and Seahawks are both 6-8 and the 49ers at 5-9 still have a shot at the division.

The NFC South is the Falcons with the Saints falling to the Ravens.  The Falcons will probably secure homefield advantage in the NFC.  The 2nd seed?

No other than the Eagles after a spectacular comeback (28 points in the final 7:28 in the 4Q) capped by DeSean Jackson’s punt return for a TD with 7 seconds left in the game.

The NFC East is basically theirs to lose at this point.  They also split the season series with the Giants, but it probably won’t matter much anymore.

Finally the NFC North has been handed to the Bears after the Packers fell to the red hot Patriots.  Matt Flynn certainly has a future in the NFL.  For 59 and a half minutes, he didn’t play like it was his first NFL start.

Stank-0 was in the upper deck with the homie, M0yo and wife.  Kevin Love put on a show, 43 & 17.  He hustles for those boards to.  He is a gifted rebounder, Rodman-esque even.  Love went 5-for-5 from range.   The Nuggets with the personnel available, really had no answer for Love.

There was a Johnny Flynn sighting, but did nothing of consequence.  M0yo observed that the triangle offense isn’t for a PG like Flynn, and Stank-0 would have to agree.

Melo and Ty Lawson had the quietest 20+ point games ever.  Melo didn’t seem to be exerting any effort, just wetting cats up with jumpers.  Unfortunately, Chauncey didn’t suit up for the game either.  Stank-0 was looking forward to seeing Mr. Big Shot.

The game had no pop, nothing to make you want to watch.

Man, remember when B-Easy was the truth?  Yeah that ended real quick like.  We starting callin him the black hole, because once the ball swung to him the offense stopped dead.  He would pull the trigger at a moment’s notice.  If he couldn’t then he would pass out.

Can someone tell me what a Martell Webster is?  He chipped in about 15-20 points.   When did Luke Ridnour, formerly one of the Lukes of Hazard, arrive in Minny?  Does anyone remember when Melvin Ely had game?  Nope?  Me either.  Still salty that Maryland upended KU in the Final Four in 2002.

We left when JR Swish knocked down a triple with less than a minute left in the game.

All in all not a bad game to watch.

Spurs @ Nuggets: JR Swish

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Stank-0 was playing Monopoly online when he heard his neighbors go ballistic. Knowing that the Broncos aren’t playing to night, it had to be the Nuggests. Stank-0 went looking and found this.  Goodness gracious!  Watch the clip!


Really doe!

Only JR Swish!

As Stank-0 has repeatedly said, he is not a baseball fan, but baseball is an undeniable part of the American fabric.  The jargon of baseball is woven into our lexicon.  People tend to criticize baseball players more than anyone else because you don’t have to be a physical freak/specimen to play the game.  This was brought home to Stank-0 while watching this documentary.

The documentary chronicled baseball from the 90s to the present.  Stank-0 learned why Barry Bonds was such a difficult person to deal with, he watched how his father, Bobby Bonds, was treated and acted accordingly.

Stank-0 also was re-introduced to how trill Ken Griffey Jr was.  His swing = Shuttlesworth’s jumper. This isn’t negotiable.

Stank-0 didn’t realize how crucial the 94 strike was to baseball.  Tony Gwynn was within striking distance of hitting .400.  The Expos were also on the verge of replacing the Braves as the best team in baseball.

After baseball resumed in ’95, the Expos faded and Tony (and no one else) was ever again in striking distance of hitting 400.   Stank-0 also didn’t realize how important Cal Ripken Jr was to helping baseball recover that season.  People were generally caught up in his consecutive games played streak.

Let’s jump to ’98.  A young Stank-0 was also excited by Slammin Sammy and Big Mac’s presuit of 61.  Stank-0 even remembers NBC Nightly News talkin about it during that summer.

Mac’s use of enhancements was broken that year, and the writer was subsequently vilified.  The story faded and Mac ended the season with 70.

The documentary ended with Bonds contempt for the casual fans’ adulation for the homer run chase so he made a decision to break it so he could get some buzz.  That’s where the documentary concluded.  Part 2 coming soon.

Map detailing the locations of the schools of ...

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Since Stank-0 already stated that the Big XII is a dead man walking, that leaves a question.  What’s next?

Well according to my source, for some very odd reason A&M has taken a liking to KU.  If A&M is moving to a new conference, they want to bring along KU.  What this source can’t possibly know (because he’s a Texan) is that the Kansas legislature has bound KU and K-State together. KU cannot go and leave K-State in the cold.  Stank-0 doesn’t not want to cause too much trouble by mentioning the conference by name.

As we all knew during the alleged conference dismemberment, the Big 10(11) had its eyes on Texas as well as A&M, and was willing to make a formal offer to join. That offer will still likely be on the table because the Big 10(11) wants access to the Texas markets.

Stank-0 can imagine that the Pac-10(12) will likely make another run at some members of the Big XII South again. All they will need is 4 to reach a 16 member conference. Then they can create two 8-member divisions.

The problem with the Big XII is that they let their window of opportunity pass.  With the loss of Colorado and Nebraska, the Big XII neglected to expand specifically into the Colorado to cover the loss of the Denver market.  They could have easily recovered the Denver market by adding two schools from Colorado.  The window is closing especially in the geographic area with the Pac-10(12) and Big 10(12) expanding into Big XII country.

Expansion is still possible.  The conference can re-capture the Denver market by adding Air Force.  The longer stretch is extending the offer to BYU, who recently became an independent.  It would allow BYU to become an AQ school again and it would allow Air Force to move into a better conference.

Commish Beebe, the clock is ticking.  If you don’t do something the conference will fall apart.

New home

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After some decisions, Stank-0 has decided to end this blog….and move to WordPress.  For those that read on this blog, there were some IMG issues that couldn’t be resolved and since Stank-0 didn’t feel like going through the code and widgets to fix it…

It might be a few days before we can get the new space in gear.  Gotta pack up everything here, get the movers, take everything over there, unpack, and get things straightened before we can proceed.

Stank-0 will not delete this blog but all the action will be over here.

Week 13: Divisions in the balance

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We are entering the most wonderful time of year.  No not because of Christmas because the divisions are slowly being locked up as we speak.

Think on this:  The Jags and the Chiefs are each leading their respective divisions with some breathing room. Jax has been helped by the fact that Peyton is playing with 3rd string practice players at skill positions right now.  KC took advantage of SD’s annual slow start and then sent thank you texts to the Oakland Raiders for kickin the Chargahs’ tails in their own house!  That sets up the Chiefs @ Chargers game next Sunday quite nicely.  A KC dub (W) and it’s all over but the cryin!

(AP Photo/Rob Carr) 

The AFC North is in a dead heat with the Steelers upending the Ravens last night in the late game.  The season series is now 1 game a piece. Someone on le twitter said it best Pitt-Bmore play the most exciting 13-10 games in the league. Hear, hear!  The only game better than Ravens-Steelers is the one comin on tonight.

Is it just Stank-0 or do the Bengals find new and creative ways to lose week in and week out?  Carson Palmer let precious time (8 seconds) slip away with a timeout in his pocket in the final seconds of 4Q?  Really?  Last year, when they went undefeated in their division, they were the Cardiac Cats because they found ways to win. How did it all unravel so fast? ??? Can’t blame TO he’s ballin out there.

The NFC South (and home field throughout the playoffs) are the Falcons to lose. They came back on the Bucs and took a large step towards winning their division.  The aforementioned Saints’ W over the Bengals help them keep the Falcons in sight.

Monday Night is another game that could go towards deciding a division, the AFC East.  Gang green goes to Tom Terrific’s house and the winner has an 80% chance of taking the division.  How’s that for incentive?

Stank-0 would be remiss if he didn’t highlight the tremendous performance by one, Tarvaris Fox Jackson III.  He came in after Lorenzo got knocked out (literally! He was in obvious pain on the ground.) on a scramble.  He promptly tossed a INT that was taken the distance.  Then he calmed down and played a very good game.  Admittedly he just threw up some prayers that Rice answered, but he directed drives.  Let’s not underestimate the opponent.  The Bills are no slouch.  They’ve played tough in every game this season.

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