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Dunk: BGriff @ Minn

Posted: November 18, 2010 in dunk

As Stank-0 said, he would find the BGriff dunk from tonight and here it is.

The Big XII is dead

Posted: November 18, 2010 in conference expansion

Stank-0 knows we all remember the summer when the death of the Big XII was imminent, right? Well

 The Big XII won’t be so lucky this time. The end is near!

Stank-0 got into an accidental conversation about how the Big XII (10) narrowly avoided death.  In this conversation, Stank-0 was informed that the true savior of the conference was not Texas’ reluctance to being linked to the death of two conferences, but A&M. 

Stank-0 is sure you all remember that there were rumors that A&M was all set to join the SEC, right?  That is true but there’s more to the story. 

Texas set off a chain of events when they held a secret meeting with the PAC-10 about a move to the conference.  Part of this move was to bring along the Texas schools: A&M, Baylor, and Tech.  The Pac-10 balked at including Baylor because it was a religious school and Tech for academic reasons. Then word got out about this move and that set the chain of events in motion. 

Stank-0 is saying the Big XII is dead because Don Beebe made some promises that can’t be kept.

  • He would get more money when the Big XII’s contract comes up for renewal in 2012.  He’s had since at least 2001 to get a better deal. 
  • The rest of the conference made a promise to cover any deficit if the Texas contingent did not make $20M.

The other long term problem is that Texas has moved forward with its proposal of a Texas television channel.  That was part of the very problem from the beginning.

Stank-0 said it once and he’ll say it again.  The only part of the Big XII that Stank-0 will miss is the KU-MU rivalry. It is the longest continuous rivalry west of the Mississippi.

The next post will be about the potential moves that are in the air. Surprisingly one of those moves involves Stank-0’s alma mater, KU.

Dunk: Nene times two

Posted: November 18, 2010 in dunk, NBA

Nene banged out on the Knicks yesterday.  Here’s the first one on Ronny Turiaf.  Still lookin for the other dunk.

Here’s the other one on Gallinari.

Shout out to You got dunked on for helping with the 2nd dunk.

Also lookin for BGriff’s dunk tonight.  Also post on deck for 10PM MST.