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Let Stank-0 get this outta his system so the rest of the post can be written properly.  Congratulations to the Raiders, however, it’s my belief that the Chiefs lost not so much that the Raiders won.  Not putting up TDs when necessary, offensive miscues, and defensive lapses cost KC a chance to win this game.

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Al Davis’ decision to draft Janikowski looks good now.  Stank-0 remembers when he was at FSU doing the same thing he does in Oakland, kick long field goals with ease and causing touchbacks on kickoffs.

The AFC West is now significantly tighter with the Chiefs holding a half game lead over the resurgent Raiders.  The Chargahs appear to be in their annual November uptick. The division could get very interesting.  KC’s game at Denver next Sunday just became that much more important.  The Raiders can move into a tie while on their bye if the Chiefs should fall.

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Lorenzo Favre showed some more late game heroics.  Just when you want to write post-mortems on Lorenzo, he tells us to fall back.  Percy Miracles is a resilent player.  He kept having ankle problems, would come out of the game, and then re-enter later.

A big problem is that the Vikings went away from AD.  He had a grand total of 11 carries in the game. 

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Another team that lost a game they should have won was the Lions.  They lost their kicker to injury so they sent in Suh to kick the extra point, which he promptly missed.  Then it seems like Matthew Stafford re-injured his shoulder. He also looked a bit sluggish in his reads.  Their main offensive weapon, Megatron, was blanketed.

Defensively outside of the front four, there is much to be desired. 

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Can we talk about how the other rookie QB not named Sam Bradford is ballin?!  The Browns threw Colt into the fray and he hasn’t wilted.  You can make the argument that McCoy outplayed Brady. Hillis ran all over and through the Pats’ defense.  Stank-0 thinks because you don’t have to get exotic with coverages anymore.  You can play straight man or a zone cover and force the Patriots to beat you. Who on that offense can stretch the field vertically? Don’t worry Stank-0 will wait.

The Pats’ offense is in a state of flux.  The “great” Wes Welker has become an afterthought ever since Randall Gene Moss left town.  Coincidence? Stank-0 has made his thoughts on Welker very well known.  Too bad for the Browns they are in such a tough division.

To end on a positive note, is it just Stank-0 or were the Colts’ unis kinda dope?

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Ok guess it’s just me. The Michael Vick Experience is back!  If Vick lost a step, not sure where.  He can hit the X button and leave a defender.  Coach Reid, it’s pretty simple at this point.  Start Vick and save your job.

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This week had three OT games, which is great until your team is in one of those games. Stank-0 will next look at the AFC West because things just got more interesting.