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Special Deliveries

Posted: November 4, 2010 in dunk, NBA

Eric Gordon (EG for short) dunkin with reckless abandon.

The other one is on Timmay

Po lil tink tink.

KG musta got tired of controversy over what he said to Villanueva and took it out on Bogut.

Moss’ last chance

Posted: November 4, 2010 in NFL, Randy Moss

 Since Werd’s post referencing last weekend’s action, Randall Gene Moss was placed on waivers by the Vikings.  The reason is because of some remarks about some post-game meal catered by a mom-and-pop’s place.

Moss had a profanity laced tirade about how he doesn’t eat such food now that he’s rich.  It did not go over well with the team. Stank-0 can see the anger that such remarks would garner, however, is that sufficient to cut a man that has since helped your stagnant offense get on track? Moss was drawing consistent over-the-top help even though he’s 33 and has a history of lackluster effort.

In any case, fans of every team across the league imagined what life would be like with Moss on their offense.  When it came time to claim Moss off the waiver wire, 21 teams passed on him.  This is eerily similar to how the draft went for Moss.

Now the Titans have claimed Moss off waivers. Stank-0 has a feeling that this is Moss’ last reasonable chance to play in the NFL. This is Moss’ Buffalo.  He has to be a model citizen if he wants another chance on another team.  The spotlight is squarely on the Titans but Coach Fisher can manage Moss’ personality if he was able to keep VY on task. Britt probably cannot wait to heal up and play on the other side of Moss.  It’s possible that he could score 4 TDs the next time he takes the field.

In the postscript for this bewildering experience, the Vikings are taking shots at Moss. Percy Miracles is probably crying is his car right now.  Moss opened up alot of things for Percy.