Weekend action!

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

There’s a lot to cover this weekend. Let’s begin with a simple fact: 6 of 8 division winners last year are in 3rd place in their division this year.  SD, Arizona, Indy (2nd), Cincy, Dallas, Minny,and NO.

Let’s begin with some surprises.   The Bucs and the Chiefs are both 5-2.   This Sunday the Chiefs visit the Raiders in a game that could decide the division.  I’m not quite sure we aren’t in an alternate reality, but I’m sure Stank-0 is thrilled.  The other surprise team, the Bucs will face off against the Falcons in a game that could decide the NFC South.  This season makes not a bit of sense. 

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Favre got knocked out of a game, literally.  Which largely knocked out the Vikings chances of winning the game. Then Randall Gene Moss had some very frank comments during his post game conference.  There’;s speculation that Moss could be released. This could ultimately cost Childress his job.  Due in large part to the owner being irate that after all he did to bring Moss in that Childress is letting him go.  This doesn’t help Minnesota’s season that is starting to spiral out of control.

The Cowboys are playing for draft position now after the Jags blew the doors off them.  Too talented to have one W thus far in the season. Romo is out 6-8 weeks, this season is a lost cause. The only way the Cowboys will be in the Super Bowl is on Madden ’11.

AP Photo/Duane Burleson

Can we call the DROY for Suh right now?  His line was unreal.  He had 2 sacks on consecutive plays, 5 tackles, and a game winning fumble return for a TD. The kid is a meast. The Skins have their own controversy.  A certain Mac-5 was benched for Turnoversaurus Rex Grossman who promptly fumbled to Suh to end the game, on his first snap.

Switching gears, the Oregon Ducks offense is a 2 minute drill for 4 quarters.  That has to be tiring. That kinda pace just wears down defenses and SC was looking real gassed by the 3rd quarter.  Which may explain why the Ducks dropped 53 on ’em.  That’s a low scoring basketball game not a football score.

Lastly the World Series is largely over with the Giants taking a commanding 3-1 lead in Game 4.  I only know this through Twitter because I was watching a highly entertaining Steelers @ Saints game.  That game had playoff intensity and it showed with the hits.  Folks were getting hit stick’d out there.

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