What we learned from the NBA’s opening week

Posted: October 29, 2010 in NBA

Stank-0 wanted to do posts on individual games, but life and other obligations got in the way.

For the Bulls @ Thunder game

  • D Rose is faaaast (Asian man in the Adidas commercial voice) unfortunately, Stank-0 ain’t see his j, like at all.
  • The Bulls are still a jump shooting team when Rose can’t get in the lane.  Hell they are when he does get in the lane but when he’s not breaking down defenses those j’s are contested.
  • Booz is not a consistent low post threat in the East.
  • The Thunder have the makings of being a great defensive team.  Bunch of young guys buying into the coach’s defense first philosophy = trouble for other teams.
  • The Thunder do not have a low post presence. They have scrappy guys but no one you can throw to in the high or low post and get a bucket.
  • Russell Westbrooke and D Rose are basically two sides of the same coin. Each uses his quickness to do what he needs to do. Neither has a consistent j…yet. Each is still young and has plenty of time to develop into a top flight point guard. The main difference is that Rose has to shoulder more of the scoring load.

  • The Rockets have a legitimate backcourt duo in Kev-Mart and Aaron Brooks.  Kev-Mart is the offensive shot in the arm the Rockets need. Pairing him with Brooks is a problem. Mysonne.  They took turns splashin treys from range. A bit undersized, but them boys can play.
  • Not sure how far the Rockets can go with Yao Ming limited to 24 minutes a night.
  • It says something when Brad Miller left millions on the table to play for Rick Adelman, again.  He fits in Adelman’s offensive philosophy and he brings that toughness the Rockets need in the middle. 
  • The Lake Show is still the Lake Show. 
  • If LA doesn’t go to the Finals, it’s their own fault.  Sound familiar?
  • Stank-0 is on record, it will be a rematch of last year’s Finals. LOCK IT UP!

Rather than boring you with two more games you don’t care about, let’s skip to the rookies.

B Griff had a monster debut! 20 and 14.  He coupled that with some highlight reel dunks as well. Not ready to say he’s back, but if he’s not he’s damned close.

Blake Griffin – “Stay Super Like The Son Of Jurel Mix”

As for the other rook, Wall went for 14 and 9. Not nearly as impressive granted, but he will improve.  Stank-0 will stand by his prediction of co-ROYs.

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