The World Series

Posted: October 28, 2010 in MLB, sports opinion, World Series

The World Series are the Super Bowl of MLB.  That’s a far statement but not totally truthful.  You see, the Series isn’t a spectacle that people gather in bars, clubs, and homes to watch even if they aren’t watching. No one wonders where am I gonna watch the Series.  No one watches for the commercials.


See what gets eyeballs on the Series, is some compelling overarching interest.  That is instant whenever the Yankees are playing.  Love ’em or hate ’em, you’ll watch the Series if the Yankees are in it.  Unfortunately the Bronx Bombers of the New House that Steinbrenner (with generous help from NYC tax payers) built aren’t there.  That’s fine because at least the Phillies…wait they aren’t in it either.

Now MLB and FOX have a problem.  The NBA season starts in two days with some reasons to watch.  The NFL is already running Sundays like they own it (check the Nielsen’s they do).  So now the MLB (and FOX) are gonna serve up an uninteresting Series with the only two stars people will be halfway interested in watching are pitchers who will be able to pitch at best 3 times in the series, and that’s on limited rest.

Unless you’re from Texas or SF, you probably don’t care about the Series.  That’s the problem.  Where this problem becomes real is next Sunday.  The NFL is serving up (in primetime) the Steelers fresh off a controversial win against the Saints who got curb stomped by the Browns.  That is the Series’ Game 4.  The only way Stank-0 can see himself watching Game 4 over the Steelers vs Saints is if there’s a chance of a sweep. Stank-0 don’t even know the NBA schedule but can imagine there will be a smorgasbord of games.

MLB and Commissioner Selig, a word of unsolicited advice.  It used to be called the October classic for a reason.  The NBA and NFL seasons have long established that October is when both kick into high gear.  It would be in your best interest to wrap up the Series in early October.

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