Triple play: "football" edition

Posted: October 25, 2010 in NFL

We will examine three sports events of importance.  There are two games to look at, Browns @ Saints and Raiders @ Broncos, and a special performance by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sheldon Brown picking off Brees (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

The biggest shock of this weekend was the Browns coming into the Super Dome and walkin out with a W.  The consensus was that the Browns were just there and the Saints would make them look like a college football team, however, it didn’t go down like that.  Drew Brees aka Breesus to the Who Dat Nation faithful committed 4 turnovers.  That’s not a typo.  He tossed two INT TDs to a LB, who became only the 3rd player to ever have two in the single game. 

I’ll say this, nothing is wrong with the Saints, it’s that the league has game planned how to beat them.  It happens to every Super Bowl champion.  You are now the hunted.  You can’t sneak up on anyone and whatever other cliches fits in there.

The Browns defensive coordinator just earned himself a head coaching job off of one game.  ONE GAME!

Zach Miller about to score the first Raiders TD (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Next the award for getting humbled goes to none other than the Denver Broncos.  In the span of 1:30 of the first quarter, the Raiders scored a TD on a pass from Campbell to Miller and then an INT TD.  It’s 14-0.  Then on the Broncos next offensive play, the Raiders defense forces a fumble and caps off the drive with a McFadden running TD (one of 4 on the day for Mac) and it’s 21-0.  Before the end of the first quarter, it’s 24-0.  By halftime it’s 31-0.

Now I expected some let down from the Raiders and the Broncos to climb back in the game and they did.  They scored twice to pull within 38-14, but the Raiders just kept scoring.  The Raiders tossed 59 points on the board.  A Grant, a Lincoln and fo’ Washingtons.  That sounds like a low scoring basketball game.

That was a horrible display.  By the midway point of the 3rd quarter, the stands were starting to clear out.

Finally the special performance by Cristiano Ronaldo, the best futbol player in the world.  He scored 4 goals in a game this weekend.  That is special regardless of who does it, but, Ronaldo hadn’t accomplished such a feat since he was a child.  The fans of the Spanish league are indeed lucky to be able to boo or cheer a once-in-a-lifetime player like this.

I’ll write more I may even have a few thoughts about this World Series and some other things.

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