Yankees done for?

Posted: October 21, 2010 in MLB, playoffs

We know stand on the brink, sports fans.  The Yankees stared down elimination and lived to die another day.  The Rangers’ bags were packed but they didn’t expect the Yankees to reserve airfare down to the Lone Star State.

The men in pin stripes did what they were supposed to do, send it back to TX.  It’s not looking good for the Evil Empire and here’s why.  If they manage to force a Game 7 (still very much possible), they will have to contend with a certain Cliff Lee again.  He’s been unhittable in the ALCS, and probably earned a phone call from the New York Yankees in the off-season looking to procure his services.  Him shutting down the Yankees has probably pushed his asking price into the stratosphere.

Stank-0 is starting to believe in the Rangers.  They have nothing to lose.  Everyone (including yours truly) believed they were merely a road bump to the Yankees returning to the World Series. 

Is anyone else perplexed that A.J. Burnett got the nod?  What about his body of work this season led anyone to believe that he could handle the pressure of the playoffs? Mr. Burnett, you just might have lost your spot.  The Yankees would have stood a better chance if Ed had gone out on the mound.

Stank-0 is worried but not willing to bet against the Yankees just yet.  All that money can buy a championship, ya’ll musta forgot.

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