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Posted: September 21, 2010 in injuries, NFL
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With Broncos WR Kenny McKinley’s death, there are still some mysterious circumstances surrounding it.  The out-of-the-blue nature of his passing is the first problem.  It was brought to Stank-0’s attention that head trauma could play a role in McKinley’s passing. If so, then the NFL needs to devote serious resources to getting a handle on this.

McKinley’s case is not an outlier.  Those in the know are saying that Roethlisberger’s inappropirate conduct down in Georgia could have been a symptom of head trauma.  The only thing that bothered Stank-0 about that finding was the timing.  Like it was meant to sweep his conduct under the guise of medicine. Roethlisberger has taken enough hits in his career to justify the claim.

 The interesting part of the research is that the head injuries that NFL players are afflicted with are being linked to depression.  The other thing is that these head injuries appear to be fairly wide spread in the NFL.

Stank-0 will applaud the NFL for the work they’ve done regarding concussions but this may be a bit broader than just concussions.  The DoD and the NFL have teamed up to study concussions and their relations to PTSD.  It may be time for a joint DoD-NFL study on head trauma.  More definitely needs to be known.

This has larger implications like the proposed 18 game season.  New medical rules may need to be instituted such as an automatic number of games required to sit after a concussion, and Stank-0 is advocating 6-8 games for the first concussion.  Nothing is more important than the quality of life of these players.

Stank-0 loves football as much as the next guy but is the cost too high? 

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