Lessons from Week 2

Posted: September 20, 2010 in NFL, week 2
 Jon SooHoo / NFL

We are in a bizarro world where the Cowboys and Vikings can be 0-2 and the Bucs and Chiefs can be 2-0. 

The Cowboys have the talent they need to cut down on self inflicted mental errors.  Which may be more difficult to correct. Healthy O linemen returning may help with alot of that.  

The Vikings really REALLY miss Sydney Rice.  Teams are sitting in zone and forcing Lorenzo to find the open man.  Rice masked over alot of problems and areas of concern.  The Vikings have Bernard Berrian but he don’t really see no passes because he has a drop problem. It showed up in special teams.

The Fins signing Marshall to pair him with Henne was a masterful move. Marshall is a physical presence at the skill position. First play was a 46 yard strike to Marshall and he went right past Lito Sheppard.  Like he was standing still. 

The Bucs have a budding duo in Freeman-to-Williams.  Also shout out to former J-Hawk Talib making plays in the secondary. K-2 is still a force even with two bad knees.  He is indeed a soldier.

Manning Bowl part deux does not get favorable reviews. It was all Peyton.  The Colts QB is must see TV all by his lonesome.  The way he performs his craft is up there with Russell, Ruth, Sanders, and Jordan.  The Peytonian Standard if you will.
We haven’t even mentioned the clinic that Matthias and Freeney put on.  G-Men O linemen Diehl will be seeing Freeney in his sleep tonight. Stank-0 doesn’t blame Diehl at all, he was soldiering on, but at least put a TE or back on his side to chip Freeney.

 Evan Pinkus / Associated Press

Moss in a contract year means you don’t talk about Revis Island or bad things can happen. Like this.


Poor lil lo Tink Tink.

 Evan Vucci / Associated Press

 Can Stank-0 say it again, the Texans are for real. All it took was some time for Schaub and Johnson to mesh.  That boy is a beast, why not just double cover him and take him away?  Schaub threw for 497 yards and Mac 5 threw for 428.  Guess defense was optional today.

By now you’ve heard that Dixon went down with a knee injury.  Leftwich will get re-signed but it will leave Pittsburgh a little thin at the QB spot even when Roethlisberger returns.  Byron and Batch have to man the post for now.

The C-Hawks came back down to Earth.  Every team isn’t as inept as the 49ers.

Lest Stank-0 forgets, QB controversy has officially landed in PHI. Coach, do you want wins or confidence?  This season they might be mutually exclusive.

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