Thoughts on Week 1

Posted: September 14, 2010 in MNF, NFL

Let Stank-0 start off with this.

This isn’t last year.  Teams that were turrible (no Barkley) are not as bad.  The Lions were a blown call away from a W against the Bears.  The Lions have some legit players on D led by Suh.  That D line ain’t play pimpin.  The offensive is led by Stafford and Megatron aka Calvin Johnson.  That connection could be the driving force for the Lions for years to come.

Unfortunately they take a step forward and then two steps back.  Stafford injured his throwing shoulder and will miss some time.  The good news? It won’t require surgery. 

The C-Hawks bulldozed the 9ers.  It’s sad.  The NFC West is up for grabs and the 49ers still can’t do nothin about it.  Stank-0 was never really sold on Hassleback but obviously he can still get the job done.  Also Mike Williams (formerly of USC) is back.  Welcome back, homey.

Stank-0 will keep saying it until you hear me.  The Texans will be in the playoffs.  They ain’t neva scared (no Bonecrusher).  Also Houston was correct in taking Mario instead of Reggie.  Gadget backs are a dime a dozen.  A rising D lineman who brings consistent pressure is hard to find.

If the Pats don’t get Randy’s deal done or leave feelers that it’s a priority, it could cost them the season.  Moss had no TDs against the Bengals and really was of no consequence upon the outcome of the game.  An unhappy Randy is bad for bidness.  Ask Oakland.

Stank-0 only saw the 3rd and 4th quarters of the Ravens @ Jets.  The Jets’ high expectations have come back down to Earth.  To win games you need to score TDs #RevRunWisdom.  Santonio Holmes wouldn’t have made that much of a difference.  The running game was held in check so that only leaves the passing attack, which was ineffective. 

The Ravens have a top notch WR corps.  Q, Housh, D-Mase, and Heap are more than enough targets for Flacco. Q and Housh are interchangable as #1 WRs.  Heap is too fast for LBs and too big for DBs.

Man, whatever elixir Ray Ray is taking, Stank-0 wants it when he gets old. Lewis out there hustling and absolutely knocked some poor soul into tomorrow with a hit.  He’s still trying to figure out what happened.

The Chiefs are woeful offensively, but have made some strides defensively.  The first half they were flyin around, makin plays.  The rooks are gonna be crucial to the Chiefs’ season.  Chew on this. It’s possible for the Chiefs to be 3-0 by Week 4.  They travel to Cleveland and then host the 49ers at Arrowhead. 

In case you ain’t know, Arrowhead might be the loudest stadium in the NFL.  There were several penalties where the whistle was blown and the play was run anyway because no one (offense nor defense) could hear the whistle. 

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