What we learned from the NFL season opener

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Stank-0 personally expected a shoot out between the Vikings and Saints but that would have masked some things that need to highlighted.

The Vikings forgot that they have 1a/1b at running back in the entire league.  AD did work but they put him on ice after the half.  A 14-9 game is exactly the type of situation where you want to chew clock and move the chains.  Right now AD is holding onto the football with purpose.

Sydney Rice’s injury leaves a gaping hole in the offense.  Stank-0 can imagine every team on the Vikes’ schedule emulating what the Saints did tonight.  Until they find an adequate down the field threat, defenses are going to sit in zone.  The Vikings have no player right now that can consistently stretch the field.

The Vikings secondary is also a weak point.  The corner on the defensive left side was gettin abused, repeatedly.  Cedric Griffith, you are needed right today.

In general, the magic from last season seems to be gone.  Maybe the Vikings should have made a run at Housh?

Favre didn’t look as spry as he did at the beginning of last season.  That could have more to do with the lack of cohesion on the offensive side of ball.  Training camp really is important.

The Saints need to bring in some kickers for try outs.  When your kicker is missing makeable field goals inside of a dome, it’s time to look for a replacement.

That’s the only substantive item for the Saints to look at. Cosmetically the penalties need to come down but that’s an issue for every team.

The next games to watch for are the Sunday night game between the Redskins @ Cowboys and Monday night affair between the Ravens @ Jets.  That will help shake out how each conference is looking very early on.

All photos courtesy of NFL.com

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