Football frenzy

Posted: September 9, 2010 in college football
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College football is back in the building.  Stank-0 means that from the bottom of his heart.  The SEC and the Big 12 as AQ’s (automatic qualifying) both lost on the opening weekend.  Ole Miss and KU both fell to smaller schools.

New quarterback eras have started at Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas, with Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy respectively moving on to playing on Sundays.  The Gators started off slowly and then got on track.  Two drives ended in turnovers to start the game and then Brantley got everything hooked up.

Oklahoma got more of a game than they bargained for.  Utah State made the Sooners play into the 4th, but they eventually rallied.  They have a more difficult opponent next week.  This is point when Stank-0 would normally say good luck but Stank-0 has NO love for OU. 

Texas left no doubt in the Texas battle against Rice.  The score said it all 35-17.  Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. 

The most intriguing game of the weekend was LSU vs UNC at the Georgia Dome. The main reason was that UNC was missing 13 players and 7 of them were starters.  Yet they still gave the Tigahs all they could handle in the A.  Hopefully Tigers fans will be quiet on the SEC boards this week because they got away by the skin of their teeth in that game. 

The game with the biggest national title implications was Boise State and VT.  2010 is looking like the year that the BCS party is officially crashed.  Either TCU, with their own impressive win over a Rogers-led Oregon State team, or Boise State will DEMAND a seat at the table.

Oh and this Saturday, it gets even better but that’s a post for another time.

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