Adding to a bad situation

Posted: August 26, 2010 in NFL
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So word coming out of the NFL owners’ meeting is the strong nearly unanimous desire to have two additional games added to the schedule.  Obviously, players are leery of this, especially without compensation.  

This seems to appear at an odd time with the CBA set to expire after this season.  The NFL is not slick with this.  They are trying to make 18 games a critical part of the new CBA.  This could ultimately cost the owners, the players, and the league far more than they think.  They are also trying to squeeze more money out during a serious economic crisis.  It’s not like the league isn’t making money.  The NFL is basically printing money right now.  Don’t let greed kill what took so long to create.   

This blog has said over and over, that if the NFL has a work stoppage, it may never come back from it.  There will be collateral damage.  Schwarzenegger.  If there’s a work stoppage, the Bills are a goner.  They are hanging on by a thread right now financially.  A work stoppage all but assures that they are moving to Canada to play in Toronto.

At least in my case, if the players balk on adding two more games and it kills the CBA and the next season, I won’t even be mad at them.  Those two extra games could shorten careers.

What about its effect on the record books?  Twenty two and a half sacks would be far easier with 18 games.  So would  50 passing and 25 receiving TDs and a host of other records.  It would dilute the record books.

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