Will a new Yoko Romo cancel out Kim K’s Super Bowl Charm?

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Some Cowboys’ girlfriends attended practice and Jerry was glad to see them. Not sure what they says about Jerry’s focus. Now Stank-0 doesn’t need to tell you about Jessica Simpson attending a home playoff game and the Cowboys subsequently losing.  The fans dubbed her Yoko Romo, which was as hilarious as it was sad.

Now Romo got a new boo, Candice Crawford. You can google her and get the particulars.  What Stank-0 wants to opine is this, will his new boo be the new Yoko Romo and nix Ms. Kardashian’s supposed Super Bowl charm? Werdssmith already touched on Ms. Kardashian

His basic premise: she brings her new boo a Super Bowl but the boo is a non-factor in the winning of said Super Bowl. Exhibit A: Reggie Bush’s performance in the Super Bowl, 5 carries for 25 yards.  Not exactly a world beater.

So between Dez Bryant refusing to carry Roy’s pads*, his subsequent injury, and the Cowboys’ girlfriends being as big a draw as the Cowboys themselves, the side show is already in mid-season form and we ain’t even hit preseason yet.

* Dez was absolutely right to refuse to carry that bum @ss negro’s pads. Roy tried to have a pissing contest and Dez pulled out a psychological water cannon and hosed him down.  So Roy went and b!tched and moaned.  Roy, you complained to the media, you lost.

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