Hard Knocks has a decision to make

Posted: July 28, 2010 in NFL
 Pic courtesy of Edthesportsfan.com

Terrell Eldorado Owens is now a Bengal, joining forces with a certain Chad Ochochinco. Stank-0 believes that TO is mellowing in his advancing age.  As evidenced by his time in Buffalo.  They begged him to act up and he still behaved. 

What this does is ease the pressure on Ocho.  TO doesn’t command a #1 or #2 corner but you can’t disregard him out there and do not discount the effect of playing with another good receiver.  It may push them both to be better.  Not sure if TO is quite a #2 but he might be able to play the other side of Ocho and that would be quite a tandem.  It would at least be a top 5 receiver tandem in the league. The only tandem that comes to mind that is better is Moss and Welker. TO and Ocho could be the Bruce and Holt of the Bengals.

Let Stank-0 say this, there isn’t an alternate reality, universe, multiverse, etc where Antonio Bryant should have signed before TO. That is just bass ackwards. 

The unknown is actually Carson Palmer.  He still hasn’t won a playoff game.  He went down in his first appearance and then got shellacked by the Jets in his next outing.  

The Bengals had to make this move to keep pace with the rest of the AFC North.  The Ravens got Q to bolster their offense, the Steelers haven’t added any weapons, but they are still a team to reckon with in the division and the conference.

Now Hard Knocks has already committed to the Jets but they may want to send a skeleton crew to Georgetown, KY to cover the Bengals.  If they don’t then you can bet good money that VH1 will have cameras swarming.

Man, September can’t get here fast enough.

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