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Soul on Ice of’s thoughts on the Heat trio.  While Stank-0 doesn’t disagree with the assessment, Stank-0 wanted to take this a different direction.

For years people have been saying that LBJ needed to upgrade his team, and then when he does we want to talk about “legacy.”  The only people that truly care about “legacy” are former players, writers, analysts, and people not in the league/association.  Those cats playing?  All they want is to get paid and a ring.  Nothing else matters. 

Let Stank-0 stick a pin right here.  Since everyone wants to prattle on about legacy so much, let’s do so.  Why should these players care about legacy when we have elevated the myth of the perfect MJ to Olympian heights? We have made MJ into some sort of basketball playing god.  We forget that several championship teams went through MJ for their hardware.  He is clearly the best of his generation, but beyond that is speculation. [The league had to institute new rules to slow down Wilt, goaltending and 3 seconds in the paint.] End rant.

This will work because it relievea LBJ and Wade of things they did not like to do.  James is a facilitator, that is what he’s put on this Earth to do.  He functions best with the ball in his hands putting his teammates in a position to score.  James is not a scorer, but he can score.  No man his dimensions should be able to see the floor like he does.  A facilitator functions at optimum conditions with a finisher/scorer/closer.  Wade is that guy. 

In Stank-0’s opinion, Wade is best when he is off the ball, however, the Heat did not have another player to pick up the slack, so he became the primary ball handler and ran the offense. There would be games (Game 4 against the Celtics) where he would have to pour in 40+ just to get the W.

They are the answer to each other’s prayers. James gets that finisher and gets to run the offense while Wade gets to move off the ball and just get buckets.  Neither wear themselves out anymore or have to save some for the end fo the game. This is what is truly scary.  We may see both of them unleashed and unshackled. We may have entered the period where James averages a triple double for a season or two…or three. You’ve been warned.

The Heat will be most effective with James/Wade pick and rolls with the option to pop to Bosh for a jay from 20 feet and in.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd…if the rumors of a 2008 Olympic pact are indeed true, CP3 may been SoBe-bound if he isn’t dealt by the Hornets.

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