LeBronapalooza not as good as advertised

Posted: July 9, 2010 in NBA
Not rockin that anymore.

So the free world knows that LeBron will join Bosh and Wade down in SoBe.  The ESPN special was anticlimatic precisely because ESPN let the cat out of the bag. Um…World Wide Leader, you had damn near everyone watching your channel to see where he was goin, don’t spoil it by runnin and tellin.

Let’s deal with the aftershocks, shall we?

  • What does this do to the Cavs?  Are they done or are they done done? Stank-0 says blame Delonte West.  Was it really worth losing your franchise? If you don’t know the rumor about Delonte go Google it.
  • The Heat are the story for the next season. Will Pat come back down and steal another ring from another head coach by takin the reins of the MIA Superfriends? Who will go down there to sign? Alot of players went after there’s because of the imminent CBA. Who’s out there that can sign with Heat?
  • Is the Western Conference a forgotten conference now? Is the Eastern Conference the Heat’s for the next 3-4 years? Celtics not getting any younger, D12 still got .25 post moves and Chi got another undersized big man to add to their team of shooters.   
  • Can we pencil in MIA vs. LA for the Finals next year? How huge would that be to see Kobe-Gasol-Odom/Artest against LBJ-Flash-Bosh.  *Joygasm in 3,2,1…*
  • How does Amar’e feel?  He downgraded no joke. From a good point guard to the coach of Seven Seconds or Less but none of the talent to make it work. Should have waited on LBJ or stayed in PHX.
  • You guys ready to do this all again next summer when Melo comes on the market?  You know you are. The Russian billionaire owned Nets will have guap (cake, chedda, ends, bills, etc.) to throw at him, and everyone that lost this summer will try to win next summer.

Anyone else ready for the NBA season? Actually, let the NFL come through and crush the building.

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